ASIS&T Annual Meeting – Conference Report

In November I was given the opportunity to attend the ASIS&T Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada. The theme of the meeting was Building and Sustaining and Ethical Future with Emerging Technology. This was particularly appealing to me for a number of reasons. As an iSchool student, I am very interested in the future of libraries, especially as technology evolves and creates new opportunities…

SJSU ASIS&T Executive Committee Spotlight on Paizha Stoothoff

What is your role on the Executive Committee?  As of March 2018, I am the new Programming Director of the ASIS&T executive committee. I am responsible for planning and facilitating events, including webinars on topics of interest to iSchool students. This involves recruiting event speakers and coordinating with them in […]

SJSU ASIS&T Executive Committee Spotlight on Violet McCrigler

What is your role on the Executive Committee team?  I’m the Social Media Coordinator, which means I help spread the word about our organization, programs, and events via various social media platforms. What is your focus/pathway during your time at the iSchool? I’m doing the Youth Services pathway. I am […]