Executive Committee Roles

As is the nature of graduate student organizations, membership numbers & interests change semester to semester. Executive Committee Roles may fluctuate depending on the current group. These roles are meant as guidelines to help members explore their interests while providing useful services that keep the chapter alive & thriving.


    • Oversees the maintenance and growth of the Chapter, ensure continuity and adherence to ASIS&T bylaws and guidelines for Student Chapters (SC).
    • Preps for meetings, creates the agenda, submits the Annual Reports to ASIS&T Headquarters, is the official representative to other student organizations, faculty, administration & media, & overall directs the chapter in development of activities

Vice Chair

    • Acts as moderator when Chair is absent, serves as Student Assembly Representative, overseas account passwords & security, performs annual review of existing security credentials & manages elections when need be.

Secretary & Treasurer

    • Secretary takes minutes at meetings, checks the email & forwards to the appropriate EC member for response, & manages google Drive access & files.
    • Treasurer updates the account record & reports the balance monthly, while also managing all financial records & communication.

Membership Director

    • Plans recruitment events, manages membership lists, & responds to membership-related e-mails.

Programming Director

    • Plans events for the chapter, oversees events scheduling, ensures events are properly moderated & recorded, & keeps track of attendance & surveys.

Social Media Coordinator

    • Publicizes news & events on various social platforms & handles webinar recordings on YouTube & ScholarWorks.


    • Administrator for the student chapter website, updates website as needed, & oversees the blog.

Newsletter Editor

    • Creates monthly newsletters that highlight important events, opportunities, news, & the chapters activity.

EC Assistant

    • This position is new and meant to be a way to join the group without committing to one position. If you’re interested in joining us but don’t know what you would like to do, this is a great choice to help you explore our organization further.