Meet Your 2021-2022 Executive Board

Chair – Julia Roegiers

My name is Julia Roegiers, and I am thrilled to be the chair of the SJSU ASIS&T student chapter this semester. I was drawn to receiving my masters in Library and Information Sciences because of the positive impact I could make on my community as a future librarian. I am passionate about ASIS&T because of their goal to collaborate with other fields to advance information science research. When I am not studying for school I enjoy cooking new recipes, hiking and volunteering at The Refettorio in San Francisco. I hope to meet you soon at one of our zoom events!

Vice Chair/ Membership Coordinator – Tobi Goode

My name is Tobi, and I am thrilled to be serving as Membership Coordinator and Vice Chair for the ASIS&T Executive Committee this academic year. I currently work at a public library, and my prior background is in adult education. My passion lies in closing equity gaps and serving marginalized populations, and I am extremely interested in the ways in which technology and information can be harnessed to accomplish these goals on a more macro scale. I look forward to connecting with ASIS&T members this academic year!

Secretary/Treasurer/ Social Media Coordinator – Quinn Christie

I’m pleased to be serving as Secretary/Treasurer and Social Media Coordinator for the ASIS&T Executive Committee this year. My background is in art history and textile design, specifically within the apparel industry, and I am in the process of transitioning to a career in LIS. I am interested in the intersection between technology, design, and the library’s role in furthering social change.

Programming Director – Lauren Davidson

My name is Lauren and this is my second year on the ASIS&T Executive Committee and my third year at San Jose State University. I have a B.A in Political Science because I thought I could change the world through Politics. I later learned I could change the world so much more through information. I currently work at an elementary school and I hope to one day become an Outreach Librarian focusing on bringing resources to those who need them most.

Programming Director – Robyn DeRocchis

I currently work as the Library Technician in a Health Sciences Library at a medical college. My greatest satisfaction on the job is helping student doctors find and learn how to find information they need. I enjoy making technology work to help people find the information they seek. If I’m not at work or working on homework, you might find me playing with my dog, trying not to trip over either of the cats, reading (mostly fantasy or science fiction novels), taking random pictures of nature with my phone, or playing games – either board, tabletop role-playing, or video games. I plan to finish the MLIS at San Jose State University in May 2022. My focus in the program has been mostly on web programming, with forays into data science and digital services.

Webmaster – Ariana Barcenas Kanemoto

I graduated with my B.A. in Psychology from UC Irvine and worked at a mental health clinic after I graduated. I knew that it wasn’t my passion and was fortunate enough to go back to school for my MLIS. During my first 2 semesters at SJSU, I did my research on “women in online gaming” and became passionate about research and creating a diverse space within the gaming industry. I was able to land an assistant user researcher job with Blizzard Entertainment in July 2021. Now I am focused on finishing my degree, promoting at work, and doing great things as the webmaster for ASIS&T. If you ever want to connect, I would be more than happy to chat.

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