Greetings from ASIS&T Student Chapter – Fall 2023

Welcome students, faculty, and friends to Fall Semester! We’re very excited for the start of this new year. The ASIS&T student chapter is hoping to build up our school and chapter community this year. There are a few notable tasks we are undertaking. Exploring the iSchool Pathways A once-a-month webinar […]

ASIS&T Special Interest Groups (SIG) – Social Media

Before we get started, the SJSU ASIS&T student chapter is having their 2nd Fall quarter meeting on October 28th with Professor Jumba, who will talk about social media as information for good. Sign up for the event here! In our 1st meeting, we talked about some of the SIGs in […]

Meet Your 2021-2022 Executive Board

Chair – Julia Roegiers My name is Julia Roegiers, and I am thrilled to be the chair of the SJSU ASIS&T student chapter this semester. I was drawn to receiving my masters in Library and Information Sciences because of the positive impact I could make on my community as a […]

ICYMI: April AI in Libraries Events

April was an exciting month for the SJSU ASIS&T Student Chapter. We hosted two of our own faculty members: Dr. Souvick Ghosh and Professor Andromeda Yelton. Both faculty members highlighted the research they perform around artificial intelligence (AI) and discussed possible future applications of AI in libraries. If you missed […]