Executive Committee

The SJSU ASIS&T Executive Committee leads the Chapter in organizing events and activities, preparing and presenting relevant and interesting news and announcements, and running the everyday business of the Student Chapter.

The current Executive Committee includes these roles:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary & Treasurer
  • Membership Director
  • Programming Director
  • Social Media¬†Coordinator
  • Webmaster
  • Newsletter Editor
  • EC Assistant

Meet the current Executive Committee

Committee members volunteer anywhere from a few hours a month to several hours a week in service to the Student Chapter, and enjoy frequent opportunities to practice their leadership skills in addition to presentation, communication, and Information Science & Technology skills.

Joining the ASIS&T Executive Committee can also help you to prepare evidence for your e portfolio:

  • Competencies A & O: Awareness of the values and foundational principles of the profession through active involvement in an international professional association.
  • Competency H: Demonstrated capacity with current and emerging technology through webinar learning, or handling social media or the website.
  • Competency M: Evidence of oral communication in facilitating presentations Q&A, or introducing a speaker.

Executive Committee positions are filled by election at the end of each academic semester. Mid-semester committee appointments may be nominated by the Chair and approved by majority vote at the next Board meeting.

If you are curious about possible open positions on the Executive Committee, or are considering running in the next election cycle, please contact us at sjsuasist@gmail.com.

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