ALASC Special Elections 2018-2019

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We would like to announce openings for SJSU ALASC Executive Board positions for the Spring 2019 semester! Several of our current members have graduated and we’ve also made some changes to our available positions.

This is a GREAT opportunity to gain leadership experience, work on your communication skills, and make a real difference at the iSchool and in the field of information science. You will join a passionate group of fellow students who are determined to affect positive change and create a wonderful environment of learning and growth at our school.

If you are interested in joining our Executive Board in one of the open positions below, please send an email with a short description of yourself and why you would make a good fit for that position. You must be a currently enrolled student at San Jose State University and be able to commit to at least 1 to 2 hours a week to the chapter, depending on your position and if you decide to help out with any of our committees or events. 🙂 Please submit your self-nomination by January 10th, 2019!

The following positions are open for the next semester – more info is outlined in our chapter’s Constitution:

  • Chair
    • Oversees and manages chapter
    • Responds to emails sent to main chapter email
    • Creates board meeting agendas
    • Facilitates board meetings
    • Answers questions/provides guidance
  • Co-Chair / Webmaster
    • Maintains/updates website (WordPress)
    • Maintains/updates Canvas page
    • Maintains blog, posts new content with the help of the blogging assistants
    • Leads board meetings when Chair is not present
    • Assists Chair with overall group facilitation
  • Archivist / Secretary
    • Takes notes during board meetings
    • Sends meeting notes summary to board members after meeting has adjourned
    • Organizes and archives documents in our Team Google Drive
    • Assists Chair in monitoring chapter email account
    • Gets event dates published on the SJSU iSchool calendar
    • Sends our events, announcements, and other information to iSchool staff to get an iSchool Alert sent to student body
  • Social Media Manager
    • Posts all information from our group (email info and events, etc) on all social media platforms
    • Strategizes on best way to utilize social media for our needs
    • Works with Co-Chair / Webmaster, Events Coordinators, and Blogging Assistants to cross-promote events and blog posts
  • Events Coordinator
    • Brainstorms / coordinates in-person events in physical locations and virtual events online
    • Finds dates for events (reviewing iSchool calendar to make sure there are no event overlaps)
    • Works with the other events coordinator(s) to ensure we have rich programming and events for the current school year
    • Sends event info to fellow board members for promotion
  • Blogging Assistant
    • Assists other board members with publishing content (events info, etc) on the website blog
    • Works with the other blogging assistant(s) to plan and research new and relevant blog posts

Nominations are now OPEN until January 10th, 2019. Afterward, voting by the student body will then open from January 14th to January 20th, 2019 and will take place on Canvas (more information to follow on how to vote). Results will be announced on January 22nd and the new board will be transitioned soon after.

As a side note – usually our elections take place at the end of every school year, however due to our number of openings, we have decided to hold special elections to fill the board for the Spring semester. This new board will serve half a term (Spring 2019) and then regular elections will be held again for the 2019 – 2020 school year in May of 2019.

Thank you for your interest!! 🙂