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Chair: Angie Miraflor

Angie is so close to culminating, she can smell it! She was the ALASC Newsletter Editor last year and hopes that as chair this year, she and her fellow officers can come up with great programs for all SLIS students! Angie also works at Mountain View High School as a library assistant and occasionally at a public library. When she’s not in her library world, she also likes: cooking, writing, reading (duh!), wine, beer, travel, and hanging out with her husband and cat.

Co-chair: Benjamin Lundholm

Ben is a superhero librarian and teacher who currently works at Mountain View High School. Ben is the best dressed officer for ALASC who combines a sense of urban flair with a unique conservative angle, resulting in a polished, professional librarian look. In his spare time, Ben sells used cars, bankrupts his buddies in poker games, and works as an evangelist for Linux, an open source alternative to Windows.

Program Coordinator: Supriya Wronkiewicz

I am in my second year in the SLIS program and am interested in pursing the archival track. The majority of my library experience comes from having worked as a library specialist at the Stanford Health Library at Stanford Hospital and Clinics. Since joining the SLIS program, I have volunteered at San Francisco Public Library’s Chinatown branch and am excited to be starting work part time at the SFPL Preservation Unit. I got involved with ALASC spring semester last year through writing for the SLIS Descriptor newsletter, something I intend to continue to do. In my not-so-copious free time, I enjoy reading, fiction and nonfiction, theatre, classical music, and watching old movies.

Editor: Sarah Krygier

Sarah Krygier is the editor of the SLIS Descriptor and came to have the position after inundating (now president, then editor) Angie Miraflor with story ideas during her first semester of the program. Sarah works in a public library, bravely answering phone calls from the public to the director, and hopes one day soon to brave the sarcasm and limited budgets that come when working as a teen services librarian. When not striving to bring smiles to the faces of the stressed out SLIS students, she enjoys photography, getting her groove on and reading Brit Lit.

Buddy Program Coordinator/Secretary: Maddy Miller

I began my MLIS during the Fall semester of 2004 and I intend to graduate by May 2006. For the last year, I’ve been plowing through the program from afar, and meeting plenty of interesting people during my weekly (or biweekly) jaunts to campus. In addition to being an ALASC officer, I work for the Santa Cruz Public Library as a page and a volunteer in the Young People’s Room, I work in the Children’s Department at Bookshop Santa Cruz, and I watch a two year old girl. This Fall, I will also be a Reference Department intern at UCSC’s McHenry Library. Music performance is my (very serious) hobby; I currently sing with a Santa Cruz chamber choir called Ariose. In my “spare time”, I try to find ways to wed my love of libraries and music. For instance, I recently hosted an Opera for Preschoolers program at my library… and let me tell you, there is nothing funnier than 30 preschoolers and their parents howling along to Puccini arias.

Archivist: Kristin Yiotis

An AA degree in Library Technology from Foothill College, 2003, was my entry into library science. Now I’ve been at SLIS since Jan 04. I’m attending part time and have completed the basic, librarian skills classes, such as reference services, cataloging, and online searching. I’m interested in digital libraries, specifically digital thesis repositories called ETD, electronic theses and dissertations repositories. For my graduation project I want to create one here at SJSU as a repository for theses, dissertations, and other manuscripts by students and faculty from all departments. In my other life I was an ESL and English Comp instructor at various local community colleges and at universities overseas. I am changing careers and love the field of library and information science. I have had several internships in libraries and want permanent part-time work while at SLIS.

Web Coordinator: Mana Tominaga

I started this program in January, 2004. I previously worked as editor at various high-tech magazines, including Web Techniques. I love white backgrounds and simple navigation for Web sites. I appreciate any feedback or ideas about the site. Please email me at with your ideas and comments. I don’t have much library experience but recently started a part time job as a on-call cataloger working on the Japanese collection at San Mateo Public Library ; I also freelance as a technical translator and as webmaster forDuma Explorer. I live with a wonderful dog named Malo that I wish I could take everywhere. Peace!