The name of this organization shall be the American Library Association Student Chapter (ALASC) of the School of Information at San José State University.



The American Library Association Student Chapter at San José State University fosters community and connection among all students and across all career pathways within the School of Information.


ALASC is committed to providing an all encompassing, welcoming, and supportive environment for iSchool students to connect, collaborate and grow. To prepare our members and inspire our students for service as librarians, archivists, and educators, membership is open to all iSchool students free of charge and provides resources for professional development, scholarly opportunities and networking. Through ALASC, students can share their creativity, skills and experience, learn from each other and experts throughout the country and around the world, and connect with ALA both online and in-person. We believe that we can make a difference in the lives of our student members by implementing programs and services that enrich their scholastic and professional experiences. These opportunities will give students access to a new era of scholarship, innovation, and contribution on both local and global levels.

Value Statement

The American Library Association Student Chapter (ALASC) at San José State University was founded on May 17, 1994 with a history of service and encouraging achievement on behalf of our student members. As the 42nd official student chapter of the ALA, SJSU’s ALASC chapter has always supported our members’ efforts to excel in both their studies and in their professional lives.


ALASC is affiliated with the national organization, the American Library Association, and serves as the local student chapter of the campus of San José State University. The ALA Constitution and Bylaws are available online.


All currently enrolled students of the San José State University School of Information Science (iSchool) are automatically members. Membership in the organization shall be open to all those matriculated, currently-enrolled San José State University students who are interested in membership. There shall be no other requirements for admission to regular membership. Each regular member has equal rights and privileges. Students indicate their ALASC membership by attendance at ALASC events, participation in ALASC online social networks, and/or volunteering to help with ALASC activities.

There are no membership meetings as such. ALASC events and functions, which are open to all iSchool students, occur in lieu of membership meetings.

Voting membership is restricted to matriculated, currently enrolled students at San José State University. At least eighty percent (80%) of all members of the organization must be matriculated, currently enrolled students at San José State University.

Eligibility for membership or appointed or elected student officer positions shall not be limited on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability. The organization shall have no rules or policies that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, sexual orientation, or disability (Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 41500).

No member of this organization shall engage in hazing, participate in hazing, or commit any act that causes or is likely to cause bodily danger, physical harm, or personal degradation or disgrace resulting in physical or mental harm to any fellow student or person attending this institution (California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Article 2, Standards for Student Conduct, Section 41301(b)(8). Individual students may be disciplined for hazing under Section 41301(b)(8).

This organization shall comply with Title 5, Section 41301, Standards for Student Conduct.


The officers of ALASC shall consist of one Chair, one Co-Chair, one Webmaster, one Treasurer, one Secretary/Archivist, one Social Media Manager, Social Media Assistant(s), two Events Coordinators, Events Assistant(s), one Blog Lead and two Blogging Assistants. Terms of office shall be one academic year and shall include the time period between the election results of the current year and the election results of the following academic year. If a vacancy occurs in an office during the academic year, the Chair shall appoint a replacement. In lieu of direct appointments, the Chair may choose instead to hold a special election. If a vacancy occurs in the Chair’s office, the Co-Chair shall assume those responsibilities and appoint his or her own replacement.

All officers of this organization must be matriculated, currently enrolled students at San José State University. The President and Treasurer of this organization must maintain a minimum overall 2.0 grade point average, must be enrolled in at least 6 units, and must be in good standing with San José State University during their term of office.

The President, Treasurer, and faculty/staff advisor of this organization are required to complete an Alcohol Education Training offered by Student Involvement.


The officers listed in Article IV, above, shall comprise the Executive Committee of ALASC. The Executive Committee conducts ongoing discussions via ALASC Officers email list. Messages are sent as needed. Meetings, either online or in-person, can be requested by any member of the Executive Committee. A quorum of 50% of the current Executive Committee must be present at any meeting in order for business to be conducted. Meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.


The responsibilities of the officers shall be the following:

A. Chair

  1. Directs and have the ultimate responsibility for the functioning of the organization and its relationship with ALA headquarters;
  2. Acts as the executive authority on all matters concerning membership, publications, and ALASC sponsored projects and activities;
  3. Responsible for reporting all official correspondence received and sent by ALASC to the members;
  4. Calls meetings when necessary;
  5. Presides at all meetings;
  6. Communicates the activities, needs, and suggestions of the members of the ALA to the faculty sponsor and any other body that is concerned;
  7. Announces nominations for the next elections and designate a polling place;
  8. Updates and renew ALASC’s recognition status with San José State University;
  9. Communicates directly with the Chair of other organizations.

B. Co-Chair

  1. Assumes the duties of the Chair in the latter’s absence and shall assume the office of the Chair should it become vacated during the stated term of office;
  2. Assists the Chair with the duties of the Executive Committee;
  3. Performs any function designated by the Chair;
  4. Shall assume the duties of the Chair when s/he is absent;
  5. Communicates directly with the Co-Chair of other organizations;
  6. Maintains ALASC’s website in the absence of a webmaster.

C. Webmaster

  1. Maintains website including calendar & Executive Board bios;
  2. Develops website to meet the needs of the chapter;
  3. Identifies technology needs of the chapter;
  4. Primary contact for iSchool IT support as needed;
  5. Uploads virtual event recordings, executive board meetings & other content.

D. Treasurer

  1. Establishes and maintains banking arrangements for the organization;
  2. Collects and disburses funds as directed;
  3. Reports monthly on the financial condition of the organization;
  4. Responsible for exhausting all possible sources of funding;
  5. Collects nominal donations at each meeting if so desired and maintains accurate records of all financial matters transacted by ALASC;
  6. Communicates directly with the Treasurer of other organizations;
  7. Assists and advises the Chair on all executive decisions.

E. Secretary / Archivist

  1. Records minutes of all ALASC meetings;
  2. Provides access to all meeting minutes to the Executive Committee no later than one week after the meetings;
  3. Responsible for collecting and archiving all documents relevant to ALASC (These documents may include but are not limited to: minutes, applications submitted for awards, official correspondence, photographs, newsletters, video recordings, computer files, and any other items deemed to be of enduring value.);
  4. Communicates directly with the Secretary and/or Archivist of other organizations;
  5. Assists and advises the Chair on all executive decisions.

F. Membership Coordinator

  1. Assists Chair with nomination and election process;
  2. Facilitates outreach to engage ALASC members;
  3. Updates iSchool Student Leadership Canvas site;
  4. Leads efforts to encourage iSchool student involvement with ALA.

G. Social Media Manager

  1. Maintains social media content;
  2. Oversees member communications and outreach;
  3. Maintains ALASC social media platforms;
  4. Replies to iSchool community questions and comments in a timely manner, both via email and on social media platforms;
  5. Works closely with Event Coordinators and Blogging Assistants in coordinating event promotions;
  6. Communicates directly with the Social Media Manager of other organizations;
  7. Assists and advises the Chair on all executive decisions.

H. Social Media Assistant(s)

  1. Assists Social Media Manager;
  2. Promotes events & other ALASC activities;
  3. Creates social media graphics;
  4. Oversees one or more of the chapter’s social media platforms.

I. Events Coordinator

  1. Responsible for the planning and coordination of organization activities in cooperation with the Executive Board and the general membership;
  2. Responsible for working with Social Media Manager to announce current events determined to be related and important to ALASC;
  3. Able to form ad hoc program committees as needed and establish the responsibilities of those committees;
  4. Coordinate the efforts of two or more committees responsible for any one function;
  5. Supervises the planning of all in-person activities conducted as a function of ALASC
  6. Supervises the planning of all online activities, webinars, presentations, etc;
  7. Monitors attendance, speakers, and activities held at events;
  8. Works to recruit student hosts and attendees to events;
  9. Works closely with Social Media Manager and Blogging Assistants in coordinating event promotions;
  10. Communicates directly with the Events Coordinators of other organizations;
  11. Assists and advises the Chair on all executive decisions.

J. Events Assistant(s)

  1. Assists Events Coordinators;
  2. Attends and provides Zoom support during virtual events;
  3. Participates in event marketing and outreach;
  4. Assists in creating presentation slides and graphics;
  5. Helps lead/co-host at least one event during the academic year.

K. Blog Lead

  1. Leads blogging team;
  2. Develops new content for blog;
  3. Maintains calendar of blog postings;
  4. Reports to Executive Board on blogging activities;
  5. Invite guest bloggers to contribute ALA-related content.

L. Blogging Assistants

  1. Assists other board members with publishing announcements and other chapter information on the website’s blog;
  2. Works closely with Event Coordinators and Social Media Manager in coordinating event promotions;
  3. Works closely with other Blogging Assistant(s) to plan and research new and relevant content for blog posts;
  4. Assists and advises the Chair on all executive decisions.


Nominations and elections of officers for the following academic year shall take place prior to the end of the previous academic year. Nominations will last for a period of one to three weeks, followed by a week of elections. There is no nominating committee. All ALASC members, as defined in Article IV, have the right to be nominated and the right to vote in elections. All ALASC members have the right to nominate candidates and self-nominate. Interested candidates may place their names on a nomination list or may have their names placed on the list by other individuals. Nominees must formally agree to their nominations. A list of the nominees shall be posted via official iSchool email lists. Members may add nominees to the list throughout the week. At the end of the week, nominations shall be closed. Elections of officers shall take place during the week following nominations. Voting requires being a member of ALASC. Members shall cast their vote online through the iSchool’s Learning Management System. All members are expected to complete the official ballot during the election period. If, for an excusable reason, a member is unable to vote during this time, s/he may contact the Faculty Advisor. At the end of the week, the ballots shall be counted by two officers not running in the following academic year, and the Faculty Advisor. Officers are elected by a plurality vote. Incoming officers are installed immediately after elections and before the start of the upcoming academic year. In the event of a special election, the current Chair, Co-Chair, and Faculty Advisor will monitor the election. The Faculty Advisor shall count the ballots.
In keeping with ALASC’s mission to promote the value of and connect our members to ALA, all elected board members must maintain ALA membership throughout their term. Membership in ALA is not required to run for office, but is encouraged. If a non-ALA member is elected, the new officer should pursue ALA membership immediately.


An officer may resign his or her office in a letter addressed to the Chair, stating the officer’s wish to resign and the effective date of the resignation.

Any member who is dissatisfied with the work of an officer may express his or her complaint in a letter to the rest of the Executive Committee. The Committee shall meet with the member to discuss the complaint. If the Committee decides to take no action or the member is still dissatisfied, the member can request to discuss the complaint with the Faculty Advisor. If the complaint cannot be resolved with the Faculty Advisor, a recall vote shall be held during the following week. ALASC members shall cast their vote by official ballot. If members vote to remove the officer from office, a new officer shall be nominated and elected.


ALASC must have a University advisor. This person must hold at least a bachelor’s degree and be employed as a faculty or staff member by San José State University. A Graduate Assistant/Intern may assume the advisor role if approved by the Student Involvement staff. The advisor shall be a non-voting member of the organization. The duties of the Faculty Advisor are as follows:

  1. Assists ALASC in fulfilling its mission and purpose;
  2. Understands the ALASC’s Constitution and Bylaws and assists members in interpreting them;
  3. Understands University policies and procedures regarding student organizations and ensures ALASC’s compliance to the best of his/her ability;
  4. Stays abreast of ALASC’s activities;
  5. Stays abreast of ALASC’s financial standing and all financial transactions using ALASC’s funds;
  6. Attends ALASC’s meetings.


The Chair shall have the authority to name committees and committee chairpersons.


No fees shall be assessed as a requirement of membership. Members are encouraged to make a nominal donation to finance the activities of ALASC.


Any ALASC member can originate an amendment to this Constitution. Proposed amendments shall be read at an Executive Committee meeting. After discussion at the Committee meeting, proposed amendments shall remain open for consideration by the Executive Committee over the next two weeks. Following the two weeks, the amendment shall be voted upon by the Executive Committee at their next meeting. The proposed amendment shall be adopted if approved by a majority. The adopted amendment shall be effective immediately. This Constitution and Bylaws were adopted August, 2000 and amended September, 2006; August, 2009; April 2012; December 2013; December 2018; and April 2019.