2018-2019 Executive Board Members

Chair: Joyce Peng

Hi everyone! My name is Joyce Peng, and I am excited to serve as SJSU ALASC chair for the Spring 2019 semester. I am an MLIS student in my last semester here at the iSchool. I’m honored to be ALASC chair and looking forward to keeping ALASC strong!  I graduated with a Bachelor’s in journalism and am now currently residing in the Los Angeles area, where I am a library assistant at a public library. I’m passionate about literacy, freedom of information, diversity, and lifelong learning. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, working on my first novel, watching sports, and cooking.

Co-Chair/Webmaster: Elizabeth (Liz) Lesso


Hello! I’m Liz, co-chair of the ALASC for the Spring 2019 semester. I’m in my second year as an iSchool student. I’m from Connecticut, currently manage the circulation desk (and student workers) at a small academic library and am pondering a switch to public librarianship once I earn my MLIS. My professional strengths include readers advisory, advocating for students’ needs and a passion for freedom of information. In my spare time, I enjoy knitting, cooking, reading fiction and YA literature, and being a Hufflepuff.

Treasurer: Stephanie Murakami


Hi everyone, it is such a pleasure to be here! I am a second-year MLIS student who is fortunate to have attended San Jose State University physically (when I received my teaching credential) and now via iSchool! I am earning my MLIS with a teacher librarian credential so that I can pursue a career as either an elementary or middle school teacher librarian. You can often find me enjoying a cup of milk tea, hiking around the Bay Area, and playing video games. I look forward to monitoring finances and arranging fundraisers so that all iSchool members can benefit from the many events and resources that the ALASC has to offer!

Secretary/Archivist: Greta Marti


My name is Greta Marti and I am the new ALASC Secretary/Archivist. I have just started my second semester in the MLIS program at SJSU. I am from San Francisco and was raised in admiration of the San Francisco Public Library system. My current focus/path is on Public Librarianship. Other interests of mine include Performing Arts Librarianship, and disability and accessibility at the library. I completed my MA in Theatre Arts from SFSU in May 2018. I am looking forward to this leadership experience in hopes that it might propel me into new comfort zones, and new academic and professional horizons.

Social Media Manager: Sharaya Olmeda


Sharaya Olmeda is in her second year at SJSU and plans to graduate this December. She is especially interested in public librarianship with an emphasis on combining social programs and basic needs resources into library programming. In her free time, Sharaya enjoys writing poetry, hosting dinner parties, and going to the swap meet.


Events Coordinator: Beth Cartier

Hi Everyone, I grew up in Georgia, went to college in Utah at the University of Utah and now currently live in Maryland. I work as a Library Associate for Frederick County Public Libraries. I am earning my MLIS to further my career in hopes to move into a management position. I am also interested in data management and digital curation. I consider myself an Anglophile. I love all things British! Plus, cats and quilting. I am excited to be part of SJSU ALASC team. My goal is to help plan exciting and interesting events for the enjoyment and benefit of iSchool students.

Blogging Assistant: Violet McCrigler

Hello! I’m a second year iSchool student, following the Youth Services pathway. I have an undergraduate degree in Women’s Studies, and currently work as the User Accounts Coordinator for the library at Humboldt State University. My interests include early childhood literacy, information access, and lifelong learning. In addition to assisting with the ALASC blog, I serve on the ASIS&T student chapter executive committee and am a member of Phi Kappa Phi. When I’m not working or studying, I enjoy crafting, reading, gardening, and spending time with my husband and our chihuahua mix, Barley.

Blogging Assistant: Elizabeth Borges


Hello! My name is Elizabeth and I am excited to be joining the ALASC Executive Board for Spring 2019. I grew up outside Chicago and moved to the Bay Area almost seven years ago. I taught middle school English for five years and am now a library assistant at a middle school while I work on my degree. This is my fourth semester as an iSchool student and I am interested in pursuing academic or special librarianship after graduation. In my spare time I enjoy reading, hiking, Pilates, drinking wine and eating cheese.

Faculty Advisor: Debbie Faires


Debbie Faires is the faculty advisor for ALASC. She serves as the Director of Online Learning at the School of Information. She earned her Master of Library and Information Science degree at SJSU and was a student member and officer in ALASC.


Fall 2018 Executive Board Members

Chair: Melissa Ward

Greetings! I am in my final semester (Fall 2018) at the iSchool and am super passionate about information science in the digital age and virtual worlds! When not online I am watching true crime documentaries, playing board games & video games, creating spreads in my bullet journal, reading self-development books, and lazing about with my dog and 3 cats. 🙂 I have a BA in Digital Media from the University of Central Florida and work as the Digital Asset Coordinator for Blizzard Entertainment. My academic goals involve following the Digital Asset Management pathway which goes hand in hand very well with my current career. I’m excited and honored to be able to serve ALASC as Chair for my last semester here!

Events Coordinator: Sarah Martin

Hi all! I’m a second year MLIS student, working at Santa Monica Public Library as a page. What I like about Info Science is the wide variety of options it gives you. I’d love to have a long and full career with lots of different experiences! I got my BA at UCLA in Applied Linguistics and a minor in Italian in 2014, worked as a Spanish interpreter for a couple years. I was recently certified as a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, and I’m planning a trip to India in 2019 with my yoga teacher training cohort. I love cooking, cats, and getting out of LA into nature. I’m excited beyond words to be a part of this program, and I’m looking forward to diving in!

Blogging Assistant: Stacy Rivas

Hi, everyone! I am in my first year at the iSchool, transitioning out of teaching elementary school for the past thirteen years (which feels like an unlucky number, but it was an incredible run). Outside of my schoolwork, you can find me reading on the beach, practicing yoga, or rooting for the San Francisco Giants. I also spend time volunteering by serving on the National Leadership Team for Kappa Delta Sorority, where I serve as both a Division Team Lead and a Chapter Accounting Specialist. I graduated from UCLA with a BA in History and Communication Studies, and I have a MA in Education from Pepperdine University. As I figure out my next steps professionally, I am excited to work with ALASC.