2023-2024 Executive Board Members

Chair: Brianna Morales

Brianna Morales pictureBrianna was born and raised in the Bay Area, she moved to Sacramento for a few years to complete her undergraduate degree in Art History. At Sacramento State, she found her love for libraries through an internship with the art librarian. She is planning to graduate in May 2024. She is currently interning at a public library in the children’s section but also has a passion for academic librarianship and student success. She spends time with her partner and cat in her free time, participates in a book club with friends, plays video games, enjoys crafting, and learns languages.

Co-Chair (Spring 2024): Jade Dean

Jade DeanLike Jacklyn, I am also using this program to facilitate a career change. This is my last year in the program and I can’t believe I’ll be graduating in the fall. I am currently volunteering in libraries across southern California to gain experience and grow my network. Outside of classes/volunteering/work, I love being outside, dancing, trying new recipes, and swimming. My favorite genres are romance and poetry and I love getting recommendations!

Co-Chair (Fall 2023): Meghan Thompson

Meghan Thompson headshotHello! My name is Meghan Thompson and I began my MLIS journey in the Spring of 2022. I currently work in higher education and will be finishing my role as an elected school board trustee at the end of 2022. My background is in counseling psychology and higher education, but I am excited to make this transition to the library sciences and will focus on public and academic librarianship. I have an amazing family that supports me through this endeavor which consists of my spouse, twin 13-year olds, and our two Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels. In my downtime, I love camping, taking my dogs for a walk, or spending time outside on the patio with a good book. I am very excited to co-chair the ALASC for the 2023-2024 year!

Web Coordinator: Shannon Broden

Shannon Broden, the ALASC Webmaster, headshot I started in the MLIS program in Fall of 2022 and plan to graduate Fall 2024. Previously, I earned a BA in Radio-Television Production and Performance and English-Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University (Cheney, WA), and an MA in Communications from California State University, Fullerton. My Master’s thesis at California State University, Fullerton, published under my maiden name of Shannon Elise Muir and entitled “Getting the Animated Message: Effects of Animated Public Service Announcements Designed for Children on Adults,” explored the potential level of influence of animation as a medium for communication. I see virtual reality and emerging technologies as a direct extension thereof. Through past employment professionally in animation, entertainment-oriented websites, and virtual worlds for children, I have seen changes in technology evolve and look to explore how technology can be utilized in informational and educational settings, and passionately care about the preservation and access of digital data, along with the ease of a user to find the data seeks. Besides serving as Webmaster for the San Jose State University iSchool’s chapter of the American Library Association for the 2023-2024 school year, I am also Blog Editor for the UX Student Association at the iSchool, and am a member of the Phi Kappa Phi honor society. I presented posters at the iSchool receptions at both the California Library Association and the American Library Association conference for 2023 on the experience of doing conference poster presentations in Second Life. Additionally, I am a part of the iSchool’s Virtual Center for Archives and Records Administration (VCARA) group and also do volunteer work in virtual worlds with the Virtual Worlds Education Consortium, a group of educators, librarians, and lifelong learning organizations. When not doing academic pursuits, I will most likely be found watching animated television or movies, playing board or online games, exploring Second Life or other virtual/augmented/mixed reality worlds, or reading a book – because my love of stories and storytelling all began with books.

Treasurer (Spring 2024), Events Co-Coordinator (Fall 2023): Missy McCollum

Missy McCollum, ALASC Events Co-Coordinator, smiling in a profile photoMissy McCollum, a devoted mother of two residing in Danville, CA, is an accomplished individual driven by a passion for equality and social justice. With a BA in Gender Studies and Communication and Culture from Indiana University, Missy actively volunteers with the Trevor Project, demonstrating her commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ youth. Currently pursuing an MLIS degree, she seeks to expand her knowledge and contribute to the world of information and knowledge. In her leisure time, Missy enjoys playing pool, programming Christmas lights to create magical displays synchronized with music, indulging in video games, and showcasing her creativity through crochet. Notably, she had the extraordinary opportunity to meet Brandi Carlile at a private concert, an experience that left a lasting impression. Through her dedication to family, advocacy, and personal growth, Missy strives to positively impact her community. Her journey exemplifies resilience, empathy, and a desire to create a better world for those around her.

Treasurer (Fall 2023): LaShaunda Croussore

LaShaunda Croussore headshotBorn on the East Coast, LaShaunda Croussore is a second year MLIS student who now lives in the Bay Area. Before entering the iSchool program, she was a practicing Mental Health therapist. Her decision to pursue a Master of Library and Information Studies came from her love of researching and sharing knowledge with others. When she isn’t doing school work she enjoys trivia, traveling and spending time with her husband and daughter.


Secretary/Archivist (Spring 2024): Kim McMilin

Kim McMilinMy name is Kim McMilin and I serve as the Clerk/Archivist for ALASC! I have worked at a local rural public library in Alaska for 9 years and recently accepted a promotion as the full-time Adult Services Library Clerk and Program Coordinator. I decided to slowly work towards getting my library degree to improve my chances for future opportunities. Before beginning my MILS journey with SJSU in the fall of 2023, I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s in elementary education. I keep myself plenty busy with a 12yo, 8yo, and husband as well! When I do have free time, I play hockey with the local women’s team.

Secretary/Archivist (Fall 2023): Natalie Moller

Natalie Moller headshotA California native with a background in music composition, Natalie (she/they) currently works as a full-time cataloger in an academic library and is in her final year of the MLIS program, focusing on the Information Organization pathway. She is passionate about inclusive metadata practices and hopes to carry them forward into her future work, no matter the setting. In her short yet precious free time, she enjoys hanging out with her family (one human husband and three very clingy cats), listening to music, watching video game journalism and streams on YouTube, and dabbling in Photoshop.

Membership Coordinator (Spring 2024): Eddie Lagos

Eddie LagosI started off in library work as a school librarian for a private school in the Bay area. I moved back to southern California where I began working for a public library doing outreach. I now work for the San Bernardino County library as a library assistant. I am interested in academic librarianship and digital preservation. I enjoy playing music, watching movies and photography.


Membership Coordinator (Fall 2023): Edit Vosganians

A headshot of Edit Vosganians smiling in a pink blazer and white shirtHi! My name is Edit Vosganians, and I am a first-generation master’s student and set to graduate in Fall 2023 with my MLIS degree. I graduated in 2020 from Cal State LA University with a BS in Computer Science and am currently working as the Technology Services Librarian Specialist at the Glendale Library, Arts & Culture. During my academic career, I hope to learn and explore many ways in which technology can inspire, help, and transform the way libraries interact with their communities. When not at work, you can find me crafting, baking, reading, or playing with my fur baby, Luna, a four-year-old malti-poo.

Social Media Coordinator (Spring 2024), Social Media Assistant (Fall 2023): Rebecca Natali

Rebecca Natali, ALASC Social Media Assistant, smiling in a profile photoMy name is Rebecca and I reside in Atlanta, Georgia where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Georgia State University. I am a year into the MLIS program and I am absolutely loving it! I am a member of Phi Kappa Phi’s honor society and I have a passion for creative design, information organization, and data services. I hope to gain further knowledge and experience in the LIS field pertaining to data management and digital assets. I’ve been published in Georgia’s Emerging Writers and America’s Emerging Literary Fiction Writers. In my free time, I love reading, writing, and baking.

Social Media Coordinator (Fall 2023): Amelia Smith

Amelia Smith, ALASC Social Media Manager, smiling in a headshotAmelia is in her final year at the iSchool, and is passionate about public and special libraries. She lives in Michigan and has a Bachelor’s in Writing & Rhetoric from Oakland University. She works in the Circulation and the Adult Services Department at her local library. Her interests include philosophy, history, and alternative medicine. When she’s not working or studying, she enjoys reading, writing, drawing, walking, and spending time with her highly active and social cat, Jake.


Social Media Assistant (Spring 2024): Jacklyn Roussin

Jackie RoussinI  started as a Children’s Programming Librarian in August 2022 and shortly after decided to embark on my MLIS journey. Before that, I worked in the public schools and have my teaching license for PreK-2nd grade. As I move through the MLIS degree, I plan to focus on youth services. In my free time I love to read, cook, go for walks, and watch TV (especially Gilmore Girls on repeat). I’m a huge Disney fan and love doing themed movie/dinner nights. I also enjoy spending time on my bookstagram (Instagram account dedicated mostly to books) through creating graphics for it, posting reviews, and connecting with others within the bookstagram community.


Social Media Assistant (Fall 2023): Avril Frasché

Avril Frasche, ALASC Social Media Assistant, smiling in a headshotI am a full-time student in my second year of the MLIS program. I live in Eureka, CA. I graduated from UCLA with my bachelor’s in American Literature and Culture and then got my K-6 teaching credential from CSU Dominguez Hills. In my free time, I love spending time with my cat, walking in the redwoods, going to the beach, reading, baking, and camping.


Events Coordinator (Spring 2024), Social Media Assistant (Fall 2023): Cat Tang

Cat TangCat Tang (she/her) began her MLIS journey in spring 2023 and currently works in a public library within the Los Angeles area, where she delights in helping patrons and roaming the children’s department. As one might expect from that statement, she is most interested in youth librarianship, but she is open to where other opportunities might take her. Cat earned her undergraduate degree, a B.A. in English Literature with Creative Writing emphasis, in 2021 and is a passionate poet and poetry advocate. When she’s not spreading “poetry propaganda,” she also enjoys writing prose, reading, creating art of diverse forms (paintings, origami, pencil sketches, etc), jamming out to music, and dabbling in learning languages. Cat loves meeting other bibliophiles, artists, lifelong learners, library enthusiasts, and diverse individuals, so she welcomes all to connect with her as we embark on our MLIS journey together!

Events Co-Coordinator (Fall 2023): Eori Tokunaga

Eori Tokunaga headshotHi there! My name is Eori Tokunaga and I am a first year MLIS student! I am originally from Yuba City, CA but I now live in Torrance with my family. I graduated with a B.S. in Human Development and dual minors in Japanese & Psychology from UC Davis in 2018. I am primarily interested in working as a children’s librarian after I complete my MLIS degree. Outside of my studies, I am currently working on several picture book manuscripts that I hope to have written, illustrated, and published one day! I love drawing digitally and with watercolor, so to combine that with storytelling would be a dream come true! I hope to one day be as talented and brilliant as Gyo Fujikawa. I’m so excited to be a part of ALASC events team!

Events Assistant: Connor Dandridge

Connor DandridgeHi! My name is Connor, and I have been enrolled in the MLIS program here at SJSU since January 2023. I have previously received Bachelor’s degrees in History and Political Science from the University of Nevada, Reno. I love watching movies, playing games, hiking, and hanging out with my cat, Sencha. I plan to pursue a career in academic librarianship after getting my degree.


Events Assistant: Irene Miller

Irene Miller This is my third year in the MLIS program. I live in beautiful, if often slightly soggy, Washington State. I have an undergrad in Anthropology from University of Colorado Boulder. I haven’t settled on a career pathway per se, other than knowing I do NOT want to be a children’s librarian (Dav Pilkey killed that for me). I am interested in medical librarianship, information intermediation, instructional design, and user design. In my free time, I try to take advantage of living in this wonderful state by going hiking, backpacking, and camping. My reading time has suffered while in school, but I love to read as well and am always looking for suggestions to add to my list.


Events Assistant (Fall 2023): Sarah Marquez

Sarah Marquez, ALASC Events Assistant, smiles in a headshotSarah began her MLIS journey in 2020, inspired by a love for libraries and passion for reading. She has since developed an interest in reference services, youth programming, virtual worlds and graphic design. She has a background in English Literature and Creative Writing and spends most of her free time composing poems about the sacred every day. She has work published and forthcoming in various magazines and journals including Capsule Stories, Human/Kind Press, Kissing Dynamite, Mud Season Review, Salamander, SHIFT, The Hellebore, and The New Southern Fugitives. When not writing or working on assignments, she can be found tweeting @Sarahmarissa338 or exploring the fediverse @sarahmarissa_mz@creativewriting.social.

Blogging Team Lead (Spring 2024), Blogging Assistant (Fall 2023): DiAndra Reyes

DiAndra Reyes headshotHi! My name is DiAndra Reyes and I started my MLIS journey at SJSU in the Fall of 2021. Before entering the program, I got my undergraduate degree in Art History and did metadata work and art historical research in a special collections library/museum. I joined SJSU’s MLIS program because I have a passion for the resources and services that all types of libraries offer communities and hope to become a librarian that can be of service to others. I live in Los Angeles where I enjoy spending time with my three cats, Shrimp, Cloud, and Ghost, playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, and cooking.

Blogging Assistant (Spring 2024): Sabrina Bobadilla

Sabrina BobadillaI have an AA in English literature from Cerritos College and a BA in English literature from CSU Long Beach. I am starting my second semester at SJSU. I am interested in academic librarianship, but I also love history and art, and am interested in archival work as well. I live in southern California with my 16-year-old son. My hobbies are playing videogames, anime and manga, and reading.


Blogging Team Lead (Fall 2023): Melony del Real

Melony del Real, ALASC Blogging Assistant, smiling in a headshot with bookshelves in the background Hello there! My name is Melony – I’m studying to become an academic librarian. Before pursuing the MLIS, I studied English Literature and Composition, earning a BA and MA in those fields. While studying English, I adored concepts of open access to literature, literacy, and education as a whole. Now, in library studies, I consider myself an advocate for OER and the dismantling of higher-ed gatekeeping. As a future librarian, I hope to excite marginalized communities to the wonderful resources that academic libraries have to offer, and to foster critical information literacy tenets in my work. When I’m not being a school/work nerd, I’m probably boardgaming with my parents and my partner, or trudging through the Stormlight Archives!

Faculty Advisor: Alison Johnson

Alison Johnson, ALASC Faculty Advisor, smiling in a headshot taken in a library

Alison Johnson serves as the faculty advisor for ALASC. She is a full-time Lecturer at the iSchool focusing on INFO 202 Information Retrieval System Design. Formerly, she was an academic librarian and loved working in the areas of reference, interlibrary loan, access services, systems, marketing, and information literacy. She lives in Indiana where she enjoys spending time outdoors amidst the cornfields, cooking, eating, and reading to her children.