Spotlight: Sarah Martin

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Each week we will spotlight feature one of our executive board officers to introduce them to fellow ALASC members!

Role: Regional Events Coordinator

Program: MLIS, first year

Looking forward to: I’m really excited to get more involved in my school community and meeting my fellow students!

Fun facts: I’m a yoga teacher, and I speak three languages.

About Sarah: Hi all! I’m a first year MLIS student, working at Santa Monica Public Library as a page, and a film school library as a Library Assistant. What I like about Info Science is the wide variety of options it gives you. I’d love to have a long and full career with lots of different experiences! I got my BA at UCLA in Applied Linguistics and a minor in Italian in 2014, worked as a Spanish interpreter for a couple years. I was recently certified as a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, and I’m planning a trip to India in 2019 with my yoga teacher training cohort. I love cooking, cats, and getting out of LA into nature. I’m excited beyond words to be a part of this program, and I’m looking forward to diving in!