ALASC Special Elections 2018-2019 Results!

You are currently viewing ALASC Special Elections 2018-2019 Results!
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After our 2019-2019 Special Elections, we are excited to announce your 2018-2019 ALASC Student Association Executive Board​ for the Spring 2019 semester!


Joyce Peng


Elizabeth Lesso


Stephanie Murakami


Greta Marti

Events Coordinator

Beth Cartier

Social Media Manager

Sharaya Olmeda

Blogging Assistant

Violet McCrigler

Blogging Assistant

Elizabeth Borges

Faculty Advisor

Debbie Faires

We are still seeking nominees for the following pivotal role:

● Events Coordinator

Please visit our Constitution page to learn more about this position:

Are you ready to go for it? Submit your nomination by emailing!