2015-2016 ALASC Officers

Chair: Tiana Trunta (Starting February 2016)

TinaHello! My name is Tiana Trutna and I’m ALASC’s Chair and Virtual Events Coordinator. I am in my second year as a graduate student in SJSU’s Library and Information Sciences program and I am so happy to be part of a program that encourages and ensures the power of literature and learning. With ten years in the non-profit sector working with social justice organizations, I bring a diverse array of experience in event planning and volunteer coordination and I am excited to take on more active role within our program to connect with and learn from you fabulous peers. Cheers!

Chair: Melissa Reynolds (through January 2016)

Reynolds_MHeadshotI am greatly honored to be the Chair of the ALASC. I see this as a great way to advance my leadership skills and to help strengthen the success of the student chapter. This will be my second year in the MLIS program with the intent to graduate in spring 2017 following a blend of the Information Organization and Digital Services career pathways. My career thus far has mainly focused in legal/administrative information management. I gravitate toward positions and projects that facilitate improved document and information management. In 2013 I obtained my master’s degree in Information & Knowledge Strategy from Columbia University, which only fueled my interest in information organization and led me to pursue my MLIS from SJSU’s esteemed iSchool. I also have a bachelors from Columbia in Political Science with a concentration in American Politics. My dream would be to obtain a position that combines my two loves, information management and political history. Some of my research interests include: digital libraries, digital preservation, knowledge management, and web archiving. Although originally from California, I have been in New York City for the past ten years, where I reside with my wife and our Jack Russell terrier.

Co-Chair / Web Coordinator: Stefanie Vartabedian

stefI am grateful for the opportunity to be the Co-Chair/Web Coordinator for ALASC this year. I began my studies towards the MLIS degree earlier this year and hope to be completed sometime in 2016 or early 2017. I studied music in college (that’s me playing my cello back in the day!) and then attended law school where I obtained a J.D. degree. While in law school, I had an interest in entertainment law and intellectual property (specifically music law). I decided to follow the path less taken and used my legal background in the HR field and then for a number of years in the legal marketing field. I continue to record music with select musical projects. My dream job as it stands right now is to be doing some kind of music/digital curation gig for a streaming music or radio type of service.

Newsletter Editor: Jessie Spragge

164299_475397494701_5881793_nHello! My name is Jessie Anne Spragge, and I’ll be the editor of the Descriptor (ALASC’s newsletter) for the 2015-2016 school year.

I just finished my second semester at SJSU. I’ve taken a variety of classes while I determine my career goals. I have a strong interest in public libraries and am leaning towards becoming a children’s librarian…although I currently work in an academic library (Stanford) and I did my undergrad studies in Japanese Language with a minor in English Literature. We’ll see. There’s still some time.

So what are my passions and interests?  Like many of you, I am an avid reader. For instance, my favorite thing about knowing a foreign language is all the additional books I can now read! I’m also a linguaphile and aspiring hyperglot. II’m fluent in Japanese, understand some Korean, and am currently learning French. Gaelic, Spanish, Italian, (more) Korean, Hawaiian and Mandarin are also on my “want to study” list. But most of all, I love places. Whether real or imaginary, historical or modern, botanical or technological, I just love places. The magic of discovery a new, wonderful world in book, or park you didn’t know was there, or great little coffee shop on a side street….I love it all. I guess travel and discovery are my biggest passions, and I indulge in them through reading, traveling, and just exploring where ever I am. And, of course, caffeine usually fuels the trip!

Please, email me anytime with any submissions, newsletter ideas or questions! My email is ischooldescriptor@gmail.com

Secretary/Archivist: Michelle Ng

imageI’m Michelle Ng and I’m happy to be serving as ALASC’s Secretary/Archivist. I will be entering my second year at SJSU’s Ischool and hope to become a Youth Services Librarian upon graduation. I hope one day to hand a person the book that changes their life. This is one of the many reasons why I’m pursing my MLIS. I currently work for Hercules Public Library, as the Library Assistant, where I plan programs and story time for children. I also work at Redwood City Library as a Teen Recreation Specialist where I plan programs for teens. Each of these sites has allowed me to put into practice all that I have learned. I am excited to take a more active role with ALASC and help develop informative and engaging programming for my fellow students.

I am honored to be a Spectrum Scholar for 2015.

Social Media Manager: Adrienne Sayban

Adrienne SaybanI am currently entering my 2nd year at SJSU as a MLIS student, and hoping to graduate by May 2016. My focus is youth librarianship. This summer I am a Virtual Youth Services Intern for Simi Valley Public Library, where I create booklists for teens and children, help add library books to the collection, and design posters to be placed on social media outlets. Currently, I work as a Library Assistant at a law firm in Phoenix, AZ. I have a BA degree in Film and Media Studies from Arizona State University. While working on my undergraduate, I worked as a Library Page at the Glendale Public Library in Glendale, AZ. This was where my inspiration for working in libraries was born.

Once I complete my program, I want to work as a Youth Services Librarian for a public library. I want to create a library collection that appeals to diverse youths, develop activities in which the young patrons can participate more in their library, and utilize resources in the community to get more involvement. I would also like to instruct others who share the same level of passion for libraries as I do.

The reason I wanted to become more involved with ALASC as a Social Media Manager is because I want to work with others who are dedicated in making a difference in the organization.

Personal Interests: avid reader, loves movies, play with my two dogs, cooking (when I have the time), and trying new things.

Treasurer: Angela Gates

AngelaI am in my final year of the MLIS program at San Jose State University and am excited about serving as Treasurer of the ALASC. I have gained so much from my experience at SJSU and appreciate the sense of community fostered by the ALASC. Prior to starting this program, I worked in various roles in the technology industry, including Research Analyst and Marketing Manager. I currently volunteer at a school library and intern at a public library, in addition to caring for my two young children and our dog. In my spare time I can usually be found reading a book. I am looking forward to a great year for the ALASC!

Virtual Events Coordinator: Tiana Trutna

Program Outreach Coordinator: Stefa Witt

StefaWittI look forward to serving as ALASC’s Program Outreach Coordinator because I am very passionate about connecting people to resources and each other. I see this as a great leadership opportunity and want to be a part of developing fun, engaging, and meaningful networking opportunities for my fellow iSchool students. I am currently in my 2nd year at SJSU and have over 5 years in the nonprofit sector with an emphasis on art education and programming.  Last summer, I yarn bombed the public library I interned at for the city’s inaugural Art Walk, it was a blast! In addition to yarn bombing, I love to garden, visit the desert, and go to concerts with my best friend. I look forward to building upon the fantastic collaborations already established by ALASC and helping create many more exciting opportunities for members to grow professionally.

Regional Events Coordinator: Kai Forsley

kaiI am very happy to be serving as the Regional Events Coordinator for the American Library Association – Student Chapter at San José State University. Originally from the Midwest (Chicago), I have deep roots in central Illinois where my love of libraries truly blossomed. After attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I stayed in that area for a few years prior to moving back to Chicago, then to San Francisco. Last year I realized that I spent soooooo much time in libraries, I may as well pursue an MLIS. I currently work for the San Francisco Public Library system coordinating wonderful volunteers. Outside of work, I volunteer my time with several organizations, including Friends of the San Francisco Independent Living Skills Program, an organization that provides scholarship monies to foster youth attaining higher education.

Things I love, love, love include my newborn son, my husband and my family, and I enjoy remote locations with few people. After attaining my MLIS, I will continue working in public library management and then work with the National Park Service. In the next few years, I will attend law school.

I am pleased to be a Spectrum Scholar as well as the Student President of iSchool Connext.