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Chair: Kristin Yiotis

Kristin is in her final year at SLIS and is focusing on academic librarianship. She thinks she learned most in the core courses because they gave her opportunities to research new topics in library science and to design databases and create thesauri. She is originally from New York State and holds a BA from University at Albany (SUNY), and an MA in English Composition from San Francisco State. Kristin has a teaching background and hopes to have a future as an instructional librarian. Her current interests are open archives institutional repositories, particularly electronic theses and dissertation repositories (ETDs); information literacy, particularly assessment; and social computing. Her published articles are based on student writing awards sponsored by LITA/Endeavor (2005), “The Open Access Initiative,” and the SLA Information Technology Division (2005), “The Open Archives Initiative and Eprints repositories.” Kristin is on the editorial board of Library Student Journal, a new web-based journal that publshes articles by library school students. The journal is currently accepting submissions.

Co-chair/Web Coordinator: Patrick Sweeney

Patrick has been in the library program at SJSU for one year and is currently planning on graduating in the spring 2007. Although he has been involved in libraries throughout his life, he currently works at an elementary school library in Santa Cruz as well as a public library in the same city. Patrick’s goal in working as co-chair of the ALASC is to get more people involved and excited about their future careers in librarianship. Professionally he is working towards his goal of becoming state librarian and making libraries a greater staple of California communities.

Program Coordinator: Lydia Harlan

I am currently in my fourth semester at SJSU and I’m enjoying the program. It is only recently that I decided to pursue librarianship. Formerly I worked in entertainment, where I held several positions as an assistant, acting as a liaison between various types of people, and organizing events and film shoots, among many other duties. I have a summer internship at the Echo Park branch of LAPL and I plan to graduate in December. In this short time I hope to bring more events to Southern California, and get the Fullerton / distance learning students more involved in ALASC.

Editor: Paige Fujisue

Paige (Foo-g_-SOO-eh) doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up, but it will involve inspiring others to engage in the dynamics of learning and working toward improved personal, spiritual, civic, and environmental health for all. She is pro-possibilities, pro-risk-taking and thrives on positive feedback. Her weaknesses include pizza and a fear of stray dogs no matter how small. Reserved by nature, her current job at an elementary school library allows her a stage through which she challenges students’ ideas of their own potential, promotes compassion, and plants seeds of curiosity.

Archivist: Michele Pixa

Originally from Half Moon Bay and schooled at UC Santa Cruz, Michele currently lives in Pacifica. After having worked as a page for San Francisco Public and some stops and starts in other fields (publishing, proofreading and teaching English in Prague), she started the SLIS program in Fall 2004 and is 2/3 of the way towards graduation. As far as academic tracks go, she is leaning towards the Archives track while trying to gain competence in reference in academic libraries.