November 27

LIS Professional Associations: Cast Your Net(work)

Interested in membership with professional associations such as ALA, ASIS&T, SAA, or SLA, but feel too intimidated by all those acronyms? Join us for this jointly sponsored event and hear from some of the professionals behind the letters as they discuss what they do, why membership is important, and how you can get involved nationally, regionally, and at SJSU.

October 23

National Treasures: Unlock the Secrets of Government Libraries

Get the inside scoop on some of the most fascinating U.S. Military and Government libraries. We will hear from librarians who work in a variety of government, military, and contractor roles. Join us to discover how they landed their positions, what their day-to-day jobs entail, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

September 25

Fantastic Libraries and Where to Find Them

Are you curious about where your MLIS can take you after graduation? Join us as we discover a few of the many fantastic libraries you will find in the library world and meet the librarians who work there. Learn how these librarians landed their positions, what their jobs entail day-to-day, and how you can follow in their footsteps. Panelists include librarians from Rolls-Royce, Purina, and more.

August 28

Choose Your Own Adventure: Career Pathways at SJSU

Have you ever wondered about the career pathways offered by SJSU, and which one might be right for you? Did you know that you have 14 career pathway options to choose from? Please join SLASC to learn about your options and see how your SJSU journey can be tailored to your interests and career goals.

June 8

Disney Animation Research Library Tour

Are you interested in animation and love Disney movies? Curious to learn more about working in a special library such as Disney’s Animation Research Library? If you answered yes, you are invited to join the SLASC for a free, in-person tour of the Disney ARL in Burbank, CA!

May 1

There’s a Special Librarian for That?

Have you ever wondered what types of libraries you might be able to work in? Did you know that there are many, many options beyond the public or school library? Please join the SLASC for an exploration of different types of special libraries.

February 6

Q&A with Special Librarians from Disney’s Animation Research Library

Interested in knowing what it is like to work at Disney’s Animation Research Library (ARL)? Three special librarians currently working at the ARL will join us to explain their roles and answer YOUR questions. 

January 29

Key Insights and Tips for Portfolio and Graduation From Those Who Know!

Receive helpful advice on creating your eportfolio, with tips from fellow students currently involved in the process and grads who have completed the process. Insights into writing a thesis instead of an eportfolio will also be included.

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Related Events

April 30

SLA CI Division Travel Grant Awards for 2018 SLA Conference

Interested in attending the 2018 SLA Conference in  Baltimore, MD, but not sure you can afford it? Apply for a travel grant today!

April 20

Let’s talk about…. What Library School Didn’t Teach Me

SLA-San Diego is offering an upcoming webinar about all the things you did not learn in library school, but need to know.  This is for anyone interested in public, academic, archives, and corporate librarianship.  Check it out!

March 27

Blockchain Technology Webinar

Interested in learning more about blockchain technology and its implications for the information world? The Philadelphia and Pittsburgh chapters of the SLA invite you to attend a free webinar on this topic, featuring the iSchool’s very own Dr. Hirsch and Dr. Alman!