SJSU ISchool SLA Student Chapter

Current Leadership

SLASC Executive Committee

President: Hannah Martin

Hannah Martin headshot

Hannah (she/her) started the MLIS program in Spring 2019 and is planning to graduate this fall in December 2022. She earned her B.A at the University of California Irvine in Anthropology. She is looking to pursue a career in academic libraries or non-traditional roles. When not studying or working she enjoys reading, catching up on tv, and spending time with her cat and partner.

Vice President: Lauren Kime

Lauren Kime headshot

Lauren is a full time MLIS student, having enrolled in the SJSU ischool in Fall 2021. She received her BA in Art History from California State University, Channel Islands. Her professional background is in collections management and exhibition curation, largely through internships and volunteer work. Her most recent full-time job is as an archival assistant to the Muppets Studio with the Walt Disney Company. She currently resides in her childhood hometown with her husband, 1 year old daughter and mom, accompanied by her black cat named Draco, gray cat named Harry, and a tiny tripod Chihuahua named Cyndaquil (or Cynder for short). In her free time, she loves to read, decorate her Passion Planner, play DnD and work on embroidery.

Secretary: Ashley Minnich

Ashley Minnich headshot

Ashley began her MLIS journey at San Jose State University in the Spring of 2020 and has previously graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with a Bachelor of Science in biology. After pursuing positions on various research projects as an avian field biologist and serving as an administrative assistant to a non-profit arts organization for many years, she began her career in library services as the Program and Outreach Coordinator for a branch of the Pueblo City-County Library District in Colorado. Outside of work and school, Ashley can usually be found hiking 14ers in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, reading, or pursuing random artistic adventures.

Assistant Secretary: Richelle Mackenzie

Richelle Mackenzie headshot

Richelle Mackenzie began her MLIS journey at SJSU in Spring 2021. She completed her B.A., in English and History, as well as a B.Ed., in secondary education, at the University of Victoria in 2015. After graduating, she worked as an English teacher for senior grades in Vancouver, Canada. Richelle became interested in information science through her connection to the school librarian. She currently lives in San Jose, CA, and enjoys the sunshine. When she isn’t working, Richelle enjoys fitness, cooking, and reading.

Archivist: Sereen Suleiman

Sereen Suleiman headshot

Greetings! My name is Sereen and I live in Orange County, California with my family. Currently, I am an associate and sorter at my local library’s Friends bookstore, as well as a newly-hired intern for my community college library. In addition to my blogging duties for SJSU SLASC, I am the blog editor for SJSU SAASC. I have just finished my first full year of MLIS program at the iSchool, and I am eager to continue my studies in library sciences. Right now, I’m choosing to be open-minded about my goals with an MLIS degree, but I’m planning on taking classes that will focus on special libraries, archives, and academic libraries.

Assistant Archivist: Tina Beyleryan

Tina Beyleryan headshot

Tina Beyleryan is a first-year MLIS student from Los Angeles, CA. She has been a library assistant at the Getty Research Institute for ten years which means she does a little bit of everything but primarily spends her time focusing on interlibrary loans and special collections. Tina received her Bachelor of Art History of Architecture and Environment from the University of California, Santa Barbara and misses having the ocean as her backyard.  Tina loves architecture and the built environment but attempts to spend as much time as she can hiking and camping with her four-legged best friend when they’re not too busy being couch potatoes. 

Programming Director: Tina Kremzner-Hsing

Tina Kremzner-Hsing headshot

Tina started the MLIS program Spring 2021 and is now in her fourth semester. Tina grew up in Albany, CA and received her BA in Art History with minors in Chinese and Turkish language from UC Berkeley in May 2020. While studying at SJSU, she works part-time for Million Marker, a start up based in Berkeley that helps people measure their exposure to environmental chemicals (e.g. BPA, phthalates). When she’s not working or studying, she enjoys learning about astrology, journaling, biking and crocheting! 

Assistant Programming Director: Rebecca Komathy

Rebecca Komathy headshot

Rebecca is a part-time MLIS student from Long Beach, California. She received her B.A. in English, Creative Writing and her M.F.A. in Creative Writing, Fiction from CSULB. She currently works as a Webinar Coordinator for a tech startup. She is passionate about the written word and spent most of her childhood summers at the El Dorado Library in Long Beach. When she’s not in front of her computer she is collecting Pop! Funkos, playing Animal Crossing, or wondering what trouble her corgi is up to.

Second Assistant Programming Director: April Pantell

April Pantell headshot

April is a full-time MLIS student from Felton, California, located in the Santa Cruz Mountains. She received her BA in Communication Studies and minored in Linguistics from SJSU in May 2020. She currently works as an ELPAC Tester (The English Language Proficiency Assessments for California) for a school district in San Jose. When she is not working or focusing on school she enjoys anything involving her 12.5-year-old Doberman Pinscher, making snacks, mountain biking, and planning her next vacation.

Communications Director: Kristina Gerhardt

Kristina Gerhardt headshot

Kristina has been in the MLIS program since the Spring of 2019. She is a native Californian, born in a suburb of Los Angeles, which she returned to after receiving a B.S. in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design. After completing a web development certificate and working several years in retail, she decided to continue her education. Upon discovering a library technology program at a nearby college, she enrolled and was so intrigued that she finished the certificate along with the recently established archives certification. She is eager to see what the future holds and aspires to work in a museum, art library, or archival setting. In her spare time, she can be found painting, immersed in a book, gaming, planning her next cosplay, tinkering on the piano, and marveling at the beauty of nature.

Assistant Communications Director: Laura Dowell

Laura Dowell headshot

Laura (she/her) is from Long Beach, CA and started the MLIS program in Spring 2021. She has a B.A. in Child Development and Family Studies from CSULB, and is very excited about this career shift. Laura found her path to the MLIS program through her passion for creative writing. She hopes to use this degree to amplify and support underrepresented populations while persevering and archiving research. When she is not at school, you can find Laura writing with her cats, spending time in nature or watching Studio Ghibli. 

Second Assistant Communications Director: Zulma Brennan

Zulma Brennan headshot

Zulma (she/her) started her MLIS academic career in Spring 2022. She is a California native, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in History from California State University, San Bernardino in 2020. After working at a high-level retreat center and museum she discovered her love of archives and libraries. Her background includes archival work, photo digitization, and preservation. Zulma recently moved to Seattle, WA where she currently resides. In her spare time, you can find her writing and decorating her journal, playing with her dogs, walking through a museum, or exploring the city.

Membership Director: Marisa Lee

Marisa Lee headshot

Marisa (she/her) started the MLIS program in Fall 2021. She has an interest in reference services and research & information literacy instruction in academic libraries and special collections. She has worked in the past for the National Archives at San Francisco and the Chinese Historical Society of America, and currently does freelance work as an archival researcher while working part-time for San Mateo County Libraries as a library assistant. Marisa is active in her children’s schools and is passionate about genealogy and family history research. She has a BA in American Studies and Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz.

Assistant Membership Director: Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Second Assistant Membership Director: Vacant


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Social Media Co-Director: Marcus Ortiz

Marcus Ortiz headshot

Marcus is originally from the Los Angeles area and is a part-time MLIS student. He is a proud graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Hawaiian Studies. After working in cultural heritage museums he transitioned to libraries to further support the information needs of indigenous communities. He currently works as a Library Technician with a focus on social media management/marketing and program development. In his free time, Marcus enjoys playing video games, traveling, and creates various native arts and crafts. 

Social Media Co-Director: Anthony Elizondo

Anthony Elizondo headshot

Anthony Elizondo (he/him) is a full time student at San José State University and began his MLIS journey in Spring 2022. Anthony was born and raised in the Bay Area and resides in Antioch, CA. After receiving his Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts at Los Medanos College, Anthony transferred to California State University East Bay and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English. After working in customer service over five years as a retail manager, Anthony decided to pursue a career in librarianship and information sciences. Anthony is open-minded and hopes the iSchool program will inspire him in finding a career he is passionate about. By joining the SLASC, he hopes to meet new friends, network with others, and contribute his skills as a Social Media Co-Director. During his spare time, Anthony enjoys playing guitar, attending concerts, watching movies, gardening, and cooking.

Blog Director: Gabrielle Bates

Gabrielle Bates headshot

I’m the daughter of an immigrant and native Californian. I’m a little bit Art Deco, Pop Culture, and Mexican Auntie. From a young age, I began collecting and cataloging comic books. This desire to collect and catalog never went away. It merely evolved into other personal collections. Currently, my collections consist of tea, wine, vinyl records, Horror DVDs, Dia de Los Muertos art, skeletons, and a batch of Funko Pops. I have kept a journal since the age of 8. Words have power. The most important ones are the ones we tell ourselves. In my spare time, I dabble in screenwriting. I have been known to travel for a good meal or even ice cream. My favorite burger is in Los Angeles at Father’s Office.

Assistant Blog Editor: Kay Lee

Kay Lee headshot

Kay has been in the MLIS program since Fall 2021 and is now in her third semester as a part-time special session student. After receiving her undergraduate degrees in English Creative Writing and Asian American Studies from California State University Northridge (CSUN), she worked in multiple industries, both private and public sectors, which contributed to her knowing where to access particular sets of information. Presently, she resides in Los Angeles County and works in social services, providing resources to families of children diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities. When she is not working or studying, some of her pastimes include binge-watching shows on Netflix, partying at festivals, and treating herself to a day trip to Disneyland. 

Second Assistant Blog Editor: Vacant


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Webmaster: Katie Kuipers

Katie Kuipers headshot

Katie began the MLIS program at SJSU in August of 2020. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Since then, Katie has been a Library Assistant at Bismarck Public Schools in Bismarck, North Dakota, working at an elementary school and two high schools. Katie has also interned for the Montana Department of Transportation library in Helena, Montana. Katie recently was hired as a Circulation Associate at the Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library. She is excited to explore public librarianship. When she is not busy doing homework, Katie enjoys going for walks with her cockapoo puppy, Chester, reading, and traveling.

Assistant Webmaster: Meghan Daly

Meghan Daly headshot

Meghan started her MLIS degree at the iSchool in the Fall of 2020. She graduated from Santa Clara University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and spent a year as a Jesuit Volunteer in Syracuse, NY following her graduation from SCU. After experiencing her first East Coast winter, Meghan jumped at the chance to move back to California and has been living in San Francisco for the past three years. Currently, she works for the American Academy of Ophthalmology as an Editorial & Library Coordinator and takes any opportunity to apply her coursework to her work in the Academy’s medical library. When not working or studying, Meghan enjoys trying new recipes, exploring the city with friends, and reading whatever books she can get her hands on!


Frances McAdam (Honorary President)
Frances grew up in Kansas City, spent several years living in Chicago, and now lives in Hollywood, CA. She graduated from the SJSU iSchool in the Fall of 2020. She was the Membership Director for the SLASC while gaining her MLIS and Digital Assets Management Certificate. During her last semester she served as Honorary President as well. She has worked as a Librarian, Archivist, and Digital Assets Manager at the Los Angeles Arboretum Library and currently works as a Digital Librarian at IMAX. She enjoys records and information management, developing and maintaining metadata, optimizing corporate digital assets workflows, and training employees in information literacy. When away from work, Frances spends her time reading, gardening, and designing floral arrangements. 

Brian Elliott – President
Basia DeLawska-Elliott – President
Amy Nykamp – President
Shawnte Santos – President
Dana Lema – President
Esther Momand- Secretary
Laura Doublet – Secretary
Swetta Abeyta – Membership
Yael Hod Social – Media
Michio Warner –
Social Media
Liz Vanderburgh –
Mary Vasudeva –
Jennifer Christensen – Programming
Shanese Williams –
Rebecca Leung –
Will Sheppard – Web
Janice Christen-Whitney – Web

Max Gonzalez Burdick – Blog Director
Jennifer Castle – Blog Director

2013-2014 Re-established SLASC

President – Brian Elliott
Vice President – Shawnte Santos
Secretary – Hope Glenn
Archivist – Hope Glenn
Programming Director – Basia Delawska-Elliott
Membership & Marketing Director – Basia Delawska-Elliott
Webmaster – Basia Delawska-Elliott

Vacant Positions