November 24

Wholehearted Librarianship: Finding Hope, Inspiration, and Balance featuring Dr. Michael Stephens

Members of the San Jose State University Special Library Association Student Chapter will be featuring a webinar with Dr. Michael Stephens, Associate Professor in the School of Information at San Jose State University.  Attendees will learn more about the interesting world of special libraries and find hope and inspiration as we travel through life, while maintaining a balance of librarianship and life.

November 16

LA Arboretum Library Tour

Members of the San Jose State University Special Library Association Student Chapter will be touring the LA Arboretum Library on Saturday, November 16th from 1:30-2:30pm. Everyone is encouraged to come early for lunch at the Arboretum Cafe beforehand from noon to 1:15pm. The guided tour will be led by Arboretum Librarian, Susan Eubank. Attendees will learn about the collection, the patrons served, the community partnerships, as well as the programming.

April 23

Impostor Syndrome: The Plague or Good Fortune of the Smart Professional

Talk to any smart and successful professional and you’ll hear the same story—Impostor Syndrome. First defined in the 1970s by psychologists Imes and Clance, Impostor Syndrome is that feeling of anxiety that you really don’t know what you are doing, you only got where you are by luck, and everyone will soon find out that you are a fraud. Sound familiar? These are feelings that live and thrive in the darkness. This program will seek to throw some light on them. We will discuss what Impostor Syndrome is and provide some tools for managing it.

March 26

Night at the Library Museum

Join us as we explore the world of museums and art libraries. Learn about the skills and knowledge needed for this exciting area of librarianship. We’ll hear from information professionals who work in art and history museum settings, as they discuss their positions, job responsibilities, educational backgrounds, and career paths.

February 28

Librarians Without Libraries

Join us to learn about different career opportunities you can pursue with an MLIS that don’t involve working in libraries.