November 2021

More Research is Required: Chronicles of a Health Sciences Librarian with Basia Delawska-Elliot

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Basia Delawska-Elliott is a Health Sciences Education and Research Librarian at the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, OR. She serves as an engagement librarian for educational, research, and clinical units at the University. Before starting at OHSU, Basia worked as a medical librarian at Providence Health & Services, one of the largest health systems in the country. Basia serves on the American Academy of Pediatrics Library Board. She is active in the Medical Library Association and the Pacific Northwest Chapter/MLA, and a senior member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals. Basia was one of the 4 founders of the revived SJSU SLASC.

October 2021

E-Portfolios & Career Transitioning with Tess McCarthy

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Tess (she/her/they/them) currently is a lead technical consultant working for the international tech firm, Accenture. 

She drives strategy and governance for a nascent DAM on the Marketing Creative team as their M+C Global DAM Librarian. 

Her day-to-day involves taxonomy design & maintenance, DRM & QA involving heavy cross-functional collaboration. She enjoys analyzing & solving technical issues while invested in growing & optimizing the DAM for its continued success.

September 2021

Dr. Michael Stephens on “Finding Joy Again”

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Librarians keep returning to the idea of “taking care” as we move into a post-pandemic world. After taking care of ourselves, our families and friends, and others in the world, we return to tending to the needs of our users: offering a safe space for every person who comes through our doors to learn and grow, designing welcoming spaces for folks to come together to collaborate and exchange ideas, creating thriving digital communities, and providing participatory services to promote learning and well-being. What we want for everyone we serve is Joy. We want our users to experience joy. That’s what the library should be about: the joy of learning; the joy of exploring, the joy of experience, and the joy of simply being immersed in an amazing story. This session will engage with participants around these concepts and get us all thinking about what it means to offer joyful library services.

April 2021

Dr. Michael Stephens on “Finding Joy Again”

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This special event hosted by the SLA Student Chapter featured a presentation by Christina Taylor Gibson on Merle Evans and Circus Music from the Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland, a presentation by Maureen Brunsdale on the Circus & Allied Arts Collection at Illinois State University, a presentation by Courtney “Jet” Jacobs on the digital collections of UCLA, and an aerial silks performance by SLA Student Chapter member Allison Chase Williams.

March 2021

Megan Jones: Wine Librarian

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For over 30 years the Sonoma County Wine Library has been essential to the scholarship, business, history and appreciation of wine. With thousands of materials related to viticulture and winemaking, it acts as both a circulating library and historical archive, collecting everything from 16th century books to current periodicals. Join Megan Jones, Curator and Wine Librarian, as she discusses her unique role working with ”one of the most comprehensive collections of wine information in the world.” 

February 2021

Shameless Self-Promotion in the Time of a Pandemic

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Tess McCarthy is a Career Transitionist—essentially one who can shape-shift roles into a meaningful career that’s flexible & seemingly impervious to life’s challenges. Her current title is Digital Asset Management Systems Librarian and taxonomy consultant to Walmart eCommerce. This talk, “Shameless self-promotion: selling yourself during pandemic times,” is a presentation on how she got a job she loves during an epically challenging point last year when the crisis hit the Bay Area. She’ll discuss strategy used, transferable skills, job prospects in the market today for information workers & what shameless self-promoting really is about—and it’s not what you think it is!