The iSchool Career Initiative team has developed the Career Environment series. Check out the Special Libraries Career Environment page to learn more about working in special libraries, including: positions and jobs offered, required qualifications, salary ranges, advice from current special library information professionals, and much more!

Career Pathways — Special Librarianship 

What you’ll find there?
Description of special librarianship; examples of services and duties performed by special librarians; skills and competencies needed to work as a special librarian; recommended coursework.

Community Profiles and Alumni Career Spotlights 

  • What do special librarians do?
    Law librarianship. Medical Librarianship. Cruise ship librarianship. (Yes! Cruise ship librarianship!) Digital asset management. Competitive Intelligence.
  • Where?
    Law firms, universities, museums, archives, hospitals, culinary institutes, Disney, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame… Need we say more?

Special librarians have jobs that are interesting, exciting and  fun! Check out their stories. If you are already working in a special library and you love it, tell us your story! We’ll share it.

Need help finding a special library job? Consult your greatest job search resource at the iSchool — our amazing  Career Center Liaison Jill Klees! And check out the iSchool Career blog.


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