Event: Comp O with Guest Speaker Melanie Sellar

Join us on October 3rd for a presentation on international librarianship with Librarians Without Borders founder Melanie Sellar. Our guest speaker’s presentation will begin promptly at 7:30pm (Pacific Time), but please pop in early for some virtual mingling beforehand (our “social half-hour” will be starting at 7pm).

Here is a link for the Collaborate room where the event will be held: https://sas.elluminate.com/d. jnlp?sid=2011274&password=D. 10CD983E2C411007F77A54FF505C43

We hope to see you there! Until then, we wanted to share some details about the event and the speaker.

Melanie will be discussing Comp O and what it means to “do” international librarianship. It’s a huge concept, and this guest lecture will explore how a closer examination of the term “international librarianship” (IL) yields a much sharper definition than you might initially think possible.

Given that higher education institutions are increasingly formalizing internationalization into their strategic plans and that LIS programs (like the SJSU School of Information) are responding by encouraging the inclusion of more international perspectives throughout the curriculum, it is useful to look at the who, why, and how of international librarianship.

IL is indeed a relatively small field that is not understood well. In order for IL to be studied, practiced, and funded in ways that are appropriate to its potential, this guest lecture will discuss some common misconceptions, and advocate for more intentional, reciprocal, and reflective applications.

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A Student’s Perspective on Professional Development: UC San Diego Hosts Annual “Librarians Shadow Day”

Disclaimer: This is a long post and if you don’t think you can make it all the way through, at least read the conclusion because that’s where the moral of the story lies.


As library and information science and archives and records administration students, we’re constantly bombarded with terms “professional development,” “networking,” “professional branding,” etc., by our instructors and other more experienced figures. And although most of us know what these terms means, sometimes it can be hard to figure how to successfully put them into practice and make the most of the opportunities afforded to us. I can honestly say one of my biggest regrets in undergrad was that I was one of those students who did not take full advantage of the opportunities I was given. Through this incredible journey at San Jose State, my number one goal has been to not make the same mistake! I got wise to this knowledge a little late, but I have seen that often times many of my peers and colleagues still haven’t learned the lesson. So I want to take this time to share with you about one of the more recent events I attended and how important it was to actually listen to the wise words being spoken to us.


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