Spotlight: Joyce Peng

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Each week we will spotlight feature one of our executive board officers to introduce them to fellow ALASC members!

Role: Social Media Manager

Program: MLIS, third semester

Looking forward to: Getting involved with planning, organizing, and hosting interesting and fun events. I’m excited to meet fellow iSchool students, become more engaged with the academic and professional community, and to learn more about ALA and the wonderful things that they do!

Fun facts: I am currently working on a young adult urban fantasy novel, and that I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan; I have watched the whole trilogy more than 10 times now!

About Joyce: I hope to promote SJSU ALASC events and to share useful resources and insights in the library and information science field.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s in journalism and am now currently residing in the Los Angeles area, where I am a library assistant at a public library. I’m passionate about literacy, freedom of information, diversity, and lifelong learning. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, working on my first novel, watching sports, and cooking.