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Publications Roundtable

Join our panel of presenters on how and where to publish your writing as an iSchool graduate student. From blogs to newsletters and peer-reviewed journals – this event will describe the differences and help you find the best place to publish your writing.

February 7 (Tuesday)

6PM – 7PM (PDT)

Collaborate Room:


Archeota, Rebecca Leung

Archeota is the official publication of SJSU SAASC. This open-source digital publication functions as an outlet for SJSU SAASC to profile its current officers; promote and highlight SAA and SJSU SAASC activities and events; discuss happenings in the archival field; introduce students to professional responsibilities; and most importantly, functions as a platform for students to create original content.

Rebecca is the 2016-2017 Chair of SAASC. She has been involved with the group since 2015 and plans to graduate this semester with a focus in Archives. Rebecca has submitted several pieces to Archeota, including an archives-themed crossword puzzle. Find Rebecca on LinkedIn.

ALASC Descriptor, Allison Randall Gatt

The ALASC Descriptor has gotten a facelift this academic year, with a focus on current topics that affect libraries, library communities and the work of librarians. We are currently seeking a deeper connection with the ALA and a more focused look at the issues of today’s libraries. The Descriptor welcomes reflective articles that will connect all students to the ALA and each other.

Allison is the 2016-17 ALASC Newsletter Editor. She is in her sixth and final year at the SJSU iSchool. During her time at the iSchool, she has taken classes in youth programming, grant writing, library advocacy, STEM resources and programming and early childhood literacy. For the past three years, she has been the lead writer for the school’s iStudent Blog. Allison’s work with the ALASC has given the Descriptor a new direction, with less recycled homework assignments and more pictures.  Find Allison on LinkedIn.

Student Research Journal (SRJ), Tamarack Hockin

The SLIS Student Research Journal (SRJ) is a double-blind peer reviewed, open access journal based out of the School of Information at San José State University. SRJ offers a unique opportunity for students to establish themselves as an author and contribute to the professional literature while still a graduate student. SRJ is developed and led by current graduate students at the School of Information and advised by Dr. Anthony Bernier and the faculty Editorial Advisory Board.

A love of grounded theory and a pedantic obsession with APA Style led Tamarack to the SLIS Student Research Journal (SRJ) over a year ago, where she is currently Editor-in-Chief. Tamarack is in her final semester at the iSchool, and plans to graduate this spring with both the MLIS and Advanced Certificate in Digital Assets and Services. Find Tamarack on LinkedIn.

LIS Publications Wiki, Laurie Putnam

If you’re ready to share your ideas about library and information science through your writing, you need to know about the LIS Publications Wiki. Hosted by the SJSU iSchool, this wiki gathers information about publications you can contribute to, from professional association newsletters to peer-reviewed journals to “civilian” publications. Start here to explore the wide variety of places to publish—now, and throughout your career.

Laurie Putnam (@NextLibraries) is a communications consultant, SJSU iSchool lecturer, and founder of the LIS Publications Wiki. She leads a team of dedicated iSchool students who build and enhance the wiki, a community resource that emerged from her Publishing for the Profession course.

Alison Peters

Alison Peters put her love of the word to good use while an iSchool student. She worked on the LIS Publications Wiki, participated in a communications internship with Librarians Without Borders, interviewed fascinating librarians for the school’s Community Profiles, and freelanced for bookish/library publications such as Book Riot, Collaborative Librarianship, MediaShift, Hack Library School (HLS), and the iSchool Descriptor.
Alison Peters (@onellestarfish) earned a BA in English from UC Berkeley, a MFA from Mills College, and, with the MLIS from the iSchool, feels that she’s achieved the writing-degree trifecta. You can find her serious professional side on LinkedIn.