Recap for Banned Books Week 2015

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Thank you everyone who participated and supported Banned Books Week.  Below is a recap of what ALASC was able to accomplish on social media:

Monday, September 28th: Take pictures of yourself with your favorite banned book.  Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for pictures of the board members’ favorite banned books.

Tuesday, September 29:Post a quote from your favorite banned book.  Here is a link to a sample from 2014.

Wednesday, September 30: Tell us how you support banned books week.

Thursday, October 1st: Participate in a Virtual Readout.  Click here to see our video on YouTube.

Friday, October 2nd: Tell us how you supported banned books week.  Thank you to Stefa Witt for providing us a banned book display picture from LA Public Library in Echo Park.  Check Facebook and Twitter for the picture.

Thank you to @sjsuasist @iSchoolConnext and @sjsuslis_saasc for helping us in support this amazing event.