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Inside of the library’s intricate organization.

Mexico City has several iconic landmarks, such as Teotihuacan, Basilica of Our Lady Guadalupe, Palacio de Bellas Artes, and more. Among its rich culture is one of the most unique libraries in the world. Vasconcelos Library is located on the north side of Mexico City and opened its doors to the public in 2008. The library’s name was granted in recognition of Jose Vasconcelos, the former president of the National Library of Mexico. The library is over 44,000 square meters and consists of three parallel buildings containing six floors. The library is most recognized for its unique internal architecture; the innovative and contemporary design makes the bookshelves look like suspending containers.

Image of library interior with suspended whale fossil

The famous architect behind this impressive building is Alberto Kalach, who competed in 2003 alongside other famous architects such as Gustavo Lipkau, Juan Palomar, and Tonatiuh Martínez. Alberto had a unique vision for this library as he didn’t want it to be a librarian. He also wanted it to be a mega building, a garden, a cultural center, and a city landmark. The construction began in 2006 by the Fox presidential administration; however, seeing as it was a rushed construction project, several irregularities were found that needed fixing. Ultimately, the library’s official public inauguration was held in 2008.

The library offers free access to library services in addition to a variety of cultural activities. With a collection of 600,000 books, multimedia items, children’s materials, Braille system materials, and music, the library has something for everyone. Furthermore, if you ever visit this library, you will have the opportunity to see the library’s large garden, which measures 26,000 square meters. In this garden, you will find 168 tree and plant life species. The library also offers free access to cultural and art conferences, exhibitions, concerts, theater performances, dance performances, workshops, courses, book presentations, academic activities, and film events.

The library’s educational services are listed on its website. This includes information on the services that help patrons develop their learning potential in different subject areas via formal and non-formal educational sessions.

You can check out the library by visiting this link to their website. Please note that you may need to translate the page if you do not speak English.

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