Written By: Michelle Sosa
Edited by: Adina Vega

Image of Music Library entrance

Between 1982 and today, the Music Library continued to shift in location and size; today, it houses 90,000 items and is located on the ground floor of the Doheny Library. Among its archival collections, the library houses items such as the Chuck Connors collection, Harry James collection, phonograph cylinders collection, and much more. The library also has an impressive research guide page curated by the current music librarian, Andrew Justice, which contains even more materials, such as scores, videos, books, and articles for further music research. 

The library also houses technology that specifically caters to the Music Library patrons. These items include a CD player, one record player, three DVD players, one VCR, and one laser disk player. The music school offers education on various music, such as popular music, jazz, composition, orchestral performance, and more. Every year, the school of music serves a little over a thousand students. The Music Library is undoubtedly an excellent resource for students to have at their disposal. 
For more information on USC’s Music Library, visit their website.

Image of music school students playing instruments inside the library

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