Written by: Michelle Sosa
Edited By: Adina Vega

Exterior image of the library

Beijing, China, is home to several important cultural monuments like the Temple of Confucius and the National Museum of China. The National Library of China, located in the nation’s capital, is a breathtaking monument founded in 1909 and continues to hold its reputation as one of the largest libraries in the world. According to the National Library’s website, the library serves many functions, like maintaining the nation’s publications and bibliographies, preserving and conserving the nation’s rare/ancient books, and even serving as a museum for these ancient books. They also participate in events with international organizations such as IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions). 

Interior image of the library

Upon visiting their website, users can look at an overview of their physical collections and digital resources. In total, the library holds over 43 million volumes or items, which also include foreign language collections. The library also provides several services to its patrons, such as literature information services, academic activity support for local academic institutions and/or institutions outside the country, a community that provides tutoring for all types of libraries and/or training for librarians, and so much more!

Although registration is required to access services like reading rooms, open stacks, loans, etc., anyone can visit the library. In addition to basking in the impressive nature of the library’s exterior, you can also tour the inside. Visit the library’s website for more information.