Written By: Michelle Sosa
Edited By: Adina Vega and Marlinda Gallardo

Photo of the Liberal Arts campus

Throughout these past few months, I have been fortunate enough to participate in an internship with my local community college in Long Beach, California. Long Beach City College (LBCC) is divided into two campuses: the Liberal Arts campus (LAC) and the Pacific Coast campus (PCC). My internship corresponds to the LAC library. Fortunately, I was able to perform a hybrid work schedule. Although fully remote work is available, in-person experience is very valuable and important to me. What’s more, this is actually LBCC’s first time hosting an internship program, so it was really nice that I had the opportunity to choose my learning topics. From there, I was assigned to two librarians who would guide me through my chosen topics: collection development, digital humanities, pedagogical training, lesson plans, creating a Canvas course space, and more.

Photo of the LAC library entrance

I am so grateful for the opportunity; the librarians I worked with were kind and driven to help me succeed in my program. Not only did they provide me with tools, resources, and evidence for my portfolio, but they also provided me with tips and tools for future interviews. One of the librarians I worked with was formerly an SJSU MLIS student. They provided me with advice on my classes and connected my coursework with my internship work insofar as granting me hands-on experience with what I was currently learning. During my internship, I also had the opportunity to create a mock digital humanities project for the library to display what an exhibition of this sort would look like in a community college library.

Overall, I highly recommend this opportunity for anyone interested in honing their skills and/or learning new skills within librarianship. I loved the environment and appreciated how the librarians I worked with were very invested in me. They dedicated their time to showing me the ropes and teaching me marketable skills. I am also grateful to have created new relationships with the librarians; they are awesome mentors and extremely supportive of the students. You can visit the LBCC library website here.

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