Written By: Michelle Sosa
Edited By: Adina Vega and Marlinda Gallardo

The Library’s exterior.

UC Irvine is home to several fantastic libraries. Located in the heart of Orange, the Grunigen Medical Library is the center of the university’s medical resources for students, researchers, and other health professionals within the UCI Medical Center and the College of Health Sciences. The university was founded in 1983–which is pretty recent considering that UC Irvine was founded in 1965. Initially, the library was called the UC Irvine Medical Center Library. It was later renamed after Dr. Grunigen, a former alumnus who contributed to the success of the UC Irvine School of Medicine.

The Research Lounge Inside the Library

Today, the library houses an extensive collection of resources supporting new research and providing cutting-edge tools for student success. The library clearly emphasizes having the information readily available on the spot when it’s needed. Therefore, the library currently holds thousands of electronic journals, books, and databases ready to be accessed anytime. Some of their core resources include Access Medicine, CINAHL Complete, Clinical Pharmacology, and more. You would need proper permissions to access the library’s resources, but one can peruse their online collections. To find more information, you can visit the website here.

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