Tonight! “When Information Visualization Meets LIS” with Dr. Michelle Chen, 6-7PM PST

SLIS Lecturer Dr. Michelle Chen and SJSU ASIS&T Present: “When Information Visualization Meets LIS”
Wednesday, April 3rd, 6-7pm PST

Contemporary scholars and general users devote substantial efforts to keep up with information explosion in all fields.  There is a dramatically increasing amount of information from publications, blogs, videos, audios, etc. every day that comes from a variety of cross-disciplinary sources.  As a result, it becomes challenging for users to follow emerging trends, identify key information, and integrate knowledge from the “big” data pool.  This phenomenon has motivated us – librarians and information professionals – to think of a better way to categorize, manage, and present our information for an effective and user-friendly retrieval and archival experience.  Information visualization is one of the emerging technologies that have been widely discussed in recent years.  Information visualization refers to “the creation of a compact 2D/3D graphical presentation and user interface for manipulating large number of items to help users make discoveries, decisions, or explanations about patterns (e.g., trends, gaps, outliers, etc.) from groups of items” (Plaisant 2001).  It can be used to present big library data to aid human cognition during seeking, processing, and retrieving large-scale abstract information.

In this presentation, we will cover the basic concepts of information visualization – what it is about, why it is important, as well as some interesting potential applications of information visualizations in the library and information science field.

Dr. Chen currently teaches the Information Visualization section of LIBR246 at SJSU SLIS, and project and IT management in LIBR282 seminars. Her primary areas of teaching and research interests are data mining and visualization, human-computer interaction, social informatics, and virtual communities.

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