Spring 2021 Achievement Challenge: LinkedIn Learning


Spring 2021 SJSU ASIS&T Achievement Challenge


There are so many interesting classes in the MLIS program. Unfortunately, we cannot take them all. Many students express the desire to have more time or units, yet we face many obstacles when it comes to learning new skills. Here are just a few barriers I hear fellow iSchoolers talking about:


  • I don’t have enough units
  • I need more practice (especially quick 1 unit courses!)
  • I’m not sure what the subject matter is or if it will help me in my career


We have all faced at least one of these barriers. I want to share with you an opportunity to start learning new skills (or brushing up old ones) without facing these barriers. 


ASIS&T represents members in the fields of information science, computer science, librarianship, data science, information architecture, and related other technology, so we hold great value in the acquisition of these skills. 


Did you know that SJSU students obtain access to LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) for free? LinkedIn Learning is a great way to improve these skills at a professional level while you are in school, or get some practice for a skill you already know. Join us this semester in a monthly challenge to improve your skills. 




  • Take advantage of LinkedIn Learning platform offered FREE by SJSU
  • Learn to use LinkedIn Learning to your benefit throughout your education at the iSchool
  • Learn something new or refresh a skill
  • Add skills and certificates to your LinkedIn page and resume


Spring 2021 SJSU ASIS&T Achievement Challenge


Let’s challenge ourselves! By May 30th, complete three LinkedIn Learning courses from the list below. 


Class List (Choose 3 or more)


  1. Information Literacy
  2. Writing a Research Paper
  3. Data Analytics for Students
  4. Python for Students
  5. HTML Structured Semantic Data
  6. Big Data in the Age of AI
  7. XML Essential Training
  8. SQL Essential Training
  9. Information Governance
  10. UX Foundations: Information Architecture


We have curated all of the courses together in one collection for you. Just click here or type in http://bit.ly/lilasist (you must be signed in to LinkedIn Learning through SJSU to view). If this is your first time using LinkedIn Learning, here is a short video showing how to log in as an SJSU student:



By May 30th, email your three Certificates of Completion to sjsuasist@gmail.com for a Badgr badge! 


Good luck!


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