Announcing the SJSU ASIS&T 2014-2015 Executive Committee!

We’d like to welcome the following members to the Executive Committee for 2014-2015. Thank you all for volunteering your experience, skills, and talents to serve our chapter through the next academic year.

  • Chair: Jeremy McLaughlin
  • Vice Chair: Monica St. Dennis
  • Treasurer: Marisa Martinez
  • Membership Director: Kate Dillon
  • Communications Director: Jessica Pierce
  • Website Coordinator: Lara McLaughlin
  • Blog Editor: Keri McNamara
  • Student Assembly Representative: Seema Sairam
  • Alternate Student Assembly Representative: Marisa Martinez

The Executive Committee plans, organizes, and moderates chapter events and socials; oversees the chapter’s routine business; and strives to provide our membership with opportunities for growth and participation in a variety of activities by actively maintaining and increasing the chapter’s connections to the information science and technology community .

The Executive Committee has three remaining positions for next year: SecretarySocial Media Coordinator, and Programming Director.

We’ll have another round of nominations and elections once the chapter has completed the changeover from D2L to Canvas at the end of this semester. If you are interested in running for one of the open positions, please contact Suzi at

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their nominations and participated in the elections! SJSU ASIS&T is looking forward to an exciting and productive 2014-2015.

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