2016-17 Self-Nominations for SJSU ASIS&T Executive Committee Are Now Open!

Hello, SJSU ASIS&T Members!

Would you like to be more involved in your student chapter? Build experience to boost your resume? Feel less isolated among a geographically separate student body? Consider running for a spot on the ASIS&T Executive Committee, and get more involved in the SJSU ASIS&T Student Chapter!

We are accepting self-nominations for the Executive Committee.  Student officers serve for one administrative year from July 1 to June 30.  You may self-nominate for more than one position and hold more than one position.  The positions of the Executive Committee are as follows:

  • CHAIR:  The Chair serves as the Moderator and records Executive Committee business meetings; coordinates and responds to official Student Chapter business; coordinates semi-annual updates to Student Chapter bylaws; develops and publishes the Student Chapter Annual Reports.

  • VICE CHAIR: The Vice Chair presides and records Executive Committee business meetings in the absence of Chair; administers the secure password repository; creates, updates and records all login credentials; with the Chair, performs annual review of existing security credentials; serves as Google Student Chapter domain Administrator in the absence of the Secretary.

  • SECRETARY: The Secretary records and disseminates Executive Committee business meeting minutes for review and approval by the Executive Committee members; manages Google Student Chapter domain, including the Student Chapter Google Drive and Gmail account; responds to email and re-routes to appropriate parties; grants and sends email notification for file access.

  • TREASURER:  The Treasurer maintains all documents pertaining to the Student Chapter financial account; updates account record monthly or whenever there is a transaction; keeps written and oral communication of the Student Chapter account with the Executive Committee and with ASIS&T Headquarters finance director; reports on the balance of Student Chapter account at each Executive Committee business meeting.

  • PROGRAMMING DIRECTOR:  The Programming Director plans Student Chapter events; confirms participation of Presenters for events; coordinates with Communications concern the scheduling and promotion of events; ensures all events are properly managed, moderated, and recorded; responds to programming inquiries. In addition, post-events, the Programming Director keeps track of event attendance and records survey responses from event attendees in their appropriate spreadsheets.

  • COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR:  The Communications Director publicizes Student Chapter business, news and events; responds to communications inquiries; works closely with Programming Director, Social Media Coordinator, and Webmaster; disseminates MP4 recording links and transforms recordings of events into MP4 files and uploads to SJSU ScholarWorks and YouTube Channel in the absence of Social Media Coordinator.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR:  The Social Media Coordinator publicizes Student Chapter business, news, and events on various social platforms; transforms recordings into MP4 files and uploads to SJSU ScholarWorks and the Student Chapter YouTube Channel with standardized event details; disseminates MP4 recording links as they become available; creates bit.ly links for website materials.

  • MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR:  The Membership Director plans membership recruitment events such as Student Chapter Open House and Social Hours; requests the iSchool add and drop student members from Canvas and manages it as a membership portal; manages member roster, including member email list and delivery of renewal reminders; responds to membership inquiries and opt-out requests. Serves as Student Chapter representative for iSchool interviews.

  • WEBMASTER:  The Webmaster is the administrator of the Student Chapter website and its associated pages; posts business documents and recording links; works closely with the Communications and Programming Directors in posting content including but not limited to meeting and event recordings, new blogs and web pages, and announcements about meetings, events, news, publications, blogs, and other resources; manages requests for updates to the Student Chapter website; maintains and backs up the website as scheduled.

  • STUDENT ASSEMBLY REPRESENTATIVE: The Student Assembly Representative represents the Student Chapter at the ASIS&T Annual Meeting. The Student Assembly Representative is also the manager of the Student Chapter Canvas LMS Group; posts and curates content, manages group settings and guidelines for community interaction; plans and documents community engagement strategy to be approved by the Executive Committee; responds to Canvas LMS Group inquiries.

If you are interested in throwing your hat into the ring, please email sjsuasist@gmail.com with the subject “2016-17 EC Self-Nomination.” In the body of the email include your name, a paragraph about why you’re interested, a brief biography, and a photo of yourself.  Elections will be held the second week of June.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to answer them.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Lisa Cheby
Vice Chair

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