Welcome to the January 2011 SLIS Descriptor!

Welcome to a new year, new semester and an all-new January 2011 issue of SLIS Descriptor!

This issue takes the “distance” out of “distance program.”  This issue offers ideas and encouragement for new and returning students on how to connect with other students and professionals. 

Jamie Renton kicks us off with upcoming events in our ALASC update. Find out what ALASC has in store for us and how you can participate.

John Jackson introduces us to ways of building, reshaping and connnecting with online communities beyond the confines of the classroom in “Getting the Most Out of Graduate School: Building Communities Online.” Are you connected?  Please share your ideas, questions and experiences.

Andrew Carlos proves that it is never too early to be a library innovator. In “Meet and Greet: The California Library Association Conference“, he navigates us through the intimidating world of professional library conferences, and ways to contribute as a student.  What are your memorable library conference experiences? Are you attending one this year and need some advice? Please do not hesitate to share!

Lastly, if you have not yet networked with other students in your area, visit the “SLIS Networks” at the top of this page. If you do not see a network in your area, create one and e-mail the editor at alasc[dot]descriptor[at]yahoo[dot]com to include it on the list.

Joni Savage
2010-2011 Editor