Letter from the Editor, Summer 2014

Passport PhotoWelcome to the Summer issue of ALASC’s newsletter, the SLIS Descriptor! This special issue is devoted to a sampling of the creativity in our community (not including my photo editing skills, so please excuse certain headshots).

This time around, we have about twice as many contributors with their short stories, illustrations, poems, collage/photomontage, hand-crafted fashion, photography, and sculpture. Two of our peers, Barnaby Hughes and Silvia Spiva, are past contributors who wanted to showcase their creative writing skills in this issue. And four of our 2014 – 2015 ALASC board members have made the time to (re)introduce themselves before the Fall 2014 semester begins.

The other half of our contributors for this issue may be just like you: SLIS community members who have (finally!) decided to share their voices with us. If you have not yet submitted a piece for publication in the SLIS Descriptor, then I encourage you to do so. If you have an idea, please contact us at alasc.descriptor@yahoo.com. Who knows? If you keep following ALASC on Facebook or Twitter for updates and upcoming events, you might stumble upon a topic to develop into an article for us.

We hope that you have been enjoying your summer, and we appreciate you reading our newsletter while you relax. We look forward to sharing more of your writing in the Fall 2014 issue of the SLIS Descriptor. Please be on the lookout for our calls for submissions via QuickSLIS, SLISAlert, and Facebook.




Kerstin Carson