Time to think about submissions!!!

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Hey there, SLIS community!


The Winter 2014 issue of the SLIS Descriptor was published almost two weeks ago! Many thanks to our contributors: R. Lynn Baker, Brighid Gonzales, Barnaby Hughes, Adrienne Mathewson, and Whitney Zahar. If you have not already checked out their articles, click here to start reading….and to become inspired enough to contribute to our Spring 2014 issue!


Slated for April 2014, the Spring issue of the SLIS Descriptor is waiting to be filled with your announcements, internship recaps, book reviews, job experiences, comics, event attendee summaries, poetry, photographs, and any other LIS content that you feel is worth sharing.


If you have not yet considered submitting a piece for publication in the SLIS Descriptor, I encourage you to email me with an idea. The deadline for submissions is April 2, 2014. Please consider the 12 SLIS Career Pathways as you brainstorm a piece for our next issue.


On behalf of SJSU’s ALASC, we hope this semester brings you many exciting opportunities and projects. I hope you keep following us on Facebook or Twitter  for updates and upcoming events.


Feel free to contact us if you have any ideas about making the SLIS Descriptor better for our community.




Kerstin Carson
Newsletter Editor