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The ALASC newsletter is looking for submissions for its summer issue, focusing on Careers—job searches, internship experiences, resources, networking –now until May 8, 2017. Our Spring issue, focusing on the topic of Technology and Libraries—services, programming and innovation—is now live on our homepage! Our Fall and Early Winter issues also contain some great submissions by iSchool student and faculty.

Share your experiences in the great, wide world of libraries and reflect upon your time and learning at the iSchool! Get your name in print, get experience working with an editor and polish up your writing skills. And, have something you can use for your e-Portfolio!

You can gain all these skills and more by submitting your writing to the ALASC’s iSchool Descriptor—a student run online publication that’s been around for the over six years. The iSchool Descriptor publishes 3-4 issues annually, and accepts submissions on a rolling basis from all LIS graduate students, alumni, and faculty.

If you would like to submit content for either of these upcoming issues, please send your work via email to You may also send any questions to this email as well.

Some Strict and Some Flexible Guidelines:

  • Students, alumni, faculty and staff are ALL encouraged to contribute articles and photos. Written content should be between 300 and 750 words. (This one’s pretty strict.) If you have a longer research paper, the editor would be happy to work with you to trim it down, but the finished product will need to be within the required length.
  • Written content should be either within the body of the email (if short) or an attached .doc or .docx file.
  • Photos need to be JPEG files—the higher resolution, the better. Please include the following information so we can give proper credit: who took the photo, when it was taken and who and what are in the picture. If the picture contains people, please ask their permission before submitting it to the Descriptor editor. (We’re strict on this one, too.)
  • There is no writing style requirement (APA, MLA, etc.); we’re flexible.
  • Research papers (remember the word count) must include references.References will not however, be included in the final word count.
  • All submissions need to include a short bio of the author and a photo.

And alas, we may not be able to accept everything that is submitted. You are welcome to submit for another issue or submit multiple times for the same issue or another future issue. Whether something is published or not is at the complete discretion of the Descriptor editor; this is the way publishing works.