Special Election Fall 2022

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Dewey belong together?

SJSU ALASC is currently recruiting for new team members to join us later this year. We are a group of highly motivated individuals who are eager to help our members make the most of their program. If you feel the same, we would love to have you join our team!

Before she left last spring, our 2021-2022 co-chair Sadie Davenport had this to say about the group:

“I saw a group of students who worked well together, stayed up-to-date on current library trends, actively used leadership skills, and were friends! I was living alone when I first came aboard, and I wanted to meet more people, especially library people. And so I got a sense of community in the first ALASC meeting I attended, because there were lots of students all together laughing and talking and sharing fun news.”

If you want to know more about a position, drop a question down below, find us on Twitter or Facebook, or email us, sjsualasc@gmail.com 

Apply today!

Benefits include:

-Gain evidence for your ePortfolio comp’s B, C, D, M, O

-Get the opportunity to attend library information and professional development conferences with registration fees fully covered

-Learn leadership skills that look great on a resume! 

-Join a fun group of library advocates and connect


-Nominees must be currently enrolled students at San Jose State University School of Information.

-Attend monthly board meetings on the first Wednesday of every month at 6:30pm PST.

-Commit to at least 1-2 hours a week to the chapter, depending on your position. This may vary if you’re involved in organizing events or serving on committees.

-Be a member of our parent organization, the American Library Association (not necessary during application process) 

Timeline for Applying

-Self nominations (on this form here) are open from September 18-25th. Feel free to apply for multiple positions noting what your first choice would be! Also please note that if you’re interested in a currently filled position, getting into an alternate position might make it easier to move up into your dream position later as we have members graduating every semester! 

-Candidates will be reviewed and selected for the ballot September 26-30th

-Special election will be held from October 1-8th for the entire ischool student body.

-Those elected will have one week to accept October 9th-16th.

-At this point those elected will have 2 months to shadow the current member in the role before taking over officially in January of 2023! 

Positions Open on the Executive Board of the ALASC: 


-Records minutes & notes on ALASC Executive meetings;

-Provides access to meeting minutes;

-Collects documents relevant to ALASC (applications, awards, newsletters, recordings, files, etc.);

-Assists and advises the executive committee and communicates with secretary and/or archives of other organizations.

Blogging Assistant(s)

-Assists other board members with publishing announcements on the website’s blog;

-Works closely with Event Coordinators and Social Media Manager in coordinating event promotions;

-Works closely with other Blogging Assistant(s) to plan and research new and relevant content for blog posts;

-Assists and advises the executive committee on all executive decisions.

Events Assistant(s)

-Assists Events Coordinators;

-Attends and provides Zoom support during virtual events;

-Participates in event marketing and outreach;

-Assists in creating presentation slides and graphics;

-Helps lead/co-host at least one event during the academic year.

Apply today!