Banned Books Trivia Night 2022

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Did you miss Banned Books Trivia Night 2022?

On Monday, September 19, ALASC kicked off Banned Books Week with a challenge of their own: How much do you know about banned books?

This year, the ALASC Events Team stumped us with their trivia questions about the history of banned books in the United States. Can you guess what book was the first banned and burned book on American soil? Neither could we! (But it’s The Meritorious Price of Our Redemption by William Pynchon, by the way.)

In five rounds of trivia, the Rad Readers proved themselves the most knowledgeable group by 20 points, earning themselves not only our deepest respect but also $5 gift cards to Starbucks!

Censorship impacts all readers’ development of empathy. More than that, the stories targeted represent groups and individuals who may no longer feel safe in their communities. SJSU ALASC stands against unconscionable attempts to restrict the power of stories and recognizes the frontline library workers facing book bans and challenges. Join ALA to unite against book bans.

We want to thank all of our trivia night participants for celebrating their freedom to read with us.