More Reflections! 2018 ALA Annual Conference

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Post written by David Fournier, Treasurer (2017-2018).

I had the opportunity to attend the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans from June 21 to June 26. The experience left me feeling a greater confidence that this is the perfect field for me. I am grateful for the funding from Dr. Hirsh, for it would have not been possible to do so without it. I also would like to thank Sheila Gurtu for the chance to present my research on Digital Literacy.

Overall the conference allowed me to network and learn from other professionals. I also had a great experience meeting with four other members of our chapter (ALASC), along with Dr. Hirsh, other SJSU iSchool students, and SJSU faculty members. The SJSU reception was well attended and I heard about research from several other SJSU students about their research.

This was my first time attending ALA Annual, but not my first time attending any library conference. All of the conferences I have gone to have been rewarding experiences for me and I will attend more in the future. I am so grateful to the SJSU iSchool for providing me with funding this year. Thank you!