Communication 2.0

Communication 2.0
Devon Grissim

Can you hear that? The sound of keys tapping as they pat across my keyboard in search of The Charm. Words of the mystical variety that lead their reader over towering fences and down into basements of bone melting insight.

Well, you won’t find any of that here. My work is bright because I only write with 40,000 watt lightbulbs, none of those glow-in-the-dark drippy glue pens. No way.

Tap, tap. Pluck.

The Charm is a type of fungi, ripe to pick as you tap by, but covered in sticky hyperbole.

Tap, tap. Zap!

Do be careful, readers. These letters are laced with electric leather that cracks at the whip.

I do however, urge you on, dynamic page splitter. This phrase is young, but it’s getting late and tradition writes in stone.


Devon GrissimDevon Grissim lives in Capitola, CA and recently completed her first semester at SLIS. She works as a preschool gymnastics teacher and volunteers at the new heirloom seed library at UC Santa Cruz, her Alma Mater. She is interested in pursuing law librarianship, with a special emphasis in environmental and international law.