biblioteca sin nombre

biblioteca sin nombre
by Ricardo Ramírez-Madera
























they entered the camp with books about the first days of school,
and illustrated works of unpronounceable poets

later as we traveled in cold school buses towards town,
pastoral landscapes and wordless pictures,

quietly made lifelong impressions.






RicardoRamirez_picRicardo Ramírez-Madera is a first year MLIS candidate at San José State University. He received his BFA in photography from San José State University in 2006. Since then, he has engaged in dynamic educational programming and community outreach across the United States working as a guest artist, digital storytelling instructor, and digital media consultant for various non-profit foundations. He has also worked as a digital literacy specialist, community outreach liaison, and library assistant for the last several years in rural Northern California. He plans to pursue a career in youth and spanish language services librarianship. Along with his library career, he is also a freelance graphic designer, father, dj, photographer, and advocate for creative self-expression. To learn more about his work, visit his website or find him on Linkedin.