ALASC’s Poetry Open Mic Night Recap

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On Friday, April 26, 2024, our ALASC Events team hosted a captivating evening of poetry, featuring a speaker lineup of talented MLIS students followed by an open mic session. Poems shared tapped into themes of identity, time, love, and daily life. Each poem, rich with personal insight, offered attendees an immersive experience. 

This event was more than just a platform for sharing poems; it was an opportunity for peers to showcase their talent with words, sharing experiences, emotions, and profound insights. With its distinct voice and thematic focus, each piece contributed to a broader conversation about the human experience. The poets, through their verses, offered a profound connection to the attendees, leaving them with much to ponder and discuss. Whether reflecting on personal identity, the passage of time, or the simple joys of life, the poems offered a verse for every attendee to connect with, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience.

Watch the event recording here: