Travel Scholarships for Upcoming Federal Librarians

by Julie K. Williams
ALASC Treasurer

Planning to attend ALA Annual, but short on cash? Have an interest in Federal Librarianship? Good news! The ALA’s Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table (FAFLRT) offers two student awards to defray the cost of attending the annual conference. Applications for the 2011 awards are being accepted until April 15, 2011.

Julie K. Williams received the Adelaide del Frate conference sponsorship award last year. It was a great assistance to the cost of attending ALA Annual, as well as an excellent introduction to the amazing librarians in FAFLRT.

Information about the Adelaide del Frate $1000 conference sponsorship and the Cicely Phippen Marks $1500 scholarship awards are at: Note that three SJSU students have received the conference sponsorship!

The FAFLRT award co-chairs, Shirley Loo and Maria Pisa, were wonderfully helpful. It was a special honor last year to share the awards ceremony with Shirley, who was secretly nominated for the 2010 FAFLRT Achievement award, and Nancy Faget, recipient of the 2010 Distringuished Service Award.

Both librarians foster professional development in library students. It has long been Shirley Loo’s goal to provide assistance to students to get them involved in ALA. Nancy Faget co-founded the Careers in Federal Libraries Google group, a great resource for Federal job listings.

More about the two phenomenal librarians (and an article about student award winners Megan Meyers, the 2010 Cicely Phippen Marks Scholarship recipient and Julie K. Williams) can be found on the FAFLRT Federal Librarian newsletter.

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    thank you so much for this info. I always want to travel to the conferences, now maybe I can.

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