Student Applications for ACRL 2019 Conference Scholarships

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Interested in attending the ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) annual conference on April 10-13, 2019, in Cleveland, OH? See below for information on how to apply for a range of scholarships, including student scholarships, to help cover registration and travel costs.

The deadline to submit an application is October 5, 2019.


Library school students:

Apply now for an ACRL 2019 Conference


ACRL is offering approximately 150 scholarships worth more than $100,000 for the ACRL 2019 Conference to be held April 10-13, 2019, in Cleveland. Scholarship applications to attend the conference are due on Friday, October 5. To apply, visit the scholarships section of the ACRL 2019 website.

Why apply? Winn W. Wasson, ACRL 2017 Conference student scholarship recipient, told us that he did not know how instrumental the sessions he attended would be in preparing for a successful job interview two weeks after the conference. “Whether it was the opening keynote, address on data visualization for a workshop on the Framework for Information Literacy, my experiences at ACRL 2017 helped me secure my first position in the profession.”

The ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund makes it possible to award scholarships to library schools students, academic and research librarians, and library staff to attend the ACRL Conference.  We are appreciate the generosity of ACRL members who have invested in the future leaders of the profession by donating to the fund.