Recap: 2018 Blizzard Entertainment Tour

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ALASC Blizzard Entertainment Tour 2018
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Post written by Joyce Peng, our Social Media Manager!

Friday, April 13, we hosted a tour of the Blizzard Entertainment campus, library, and museum. We were lucky to have one of our own, Co-Chair and Webmaster Melissa Ward, to be our tour guide, as
she works at Blizzard as a Digital Asset Coordinator.

We started off the tour by looking at the amazing art pieces in the Blizzard Museum. Many of the art pieces were commissioned by Blizzard for events such as BlizzCon and Blizzard commercials.
These art pieces were all of the different items, weapons, and costumes in Blizzard video games. We also met Dana Bishop, the Curator of the Blizzard Museum.

We then headed to the Blizzard Library, where librarian and archivist Joanna Perez gave us a quick tour of the library. The Blizzard Library has all sorts of materials available for Blizzard employees to
check out, such as board games, books, and DVDs. Along the way, we also got to see a number of huge statues as well as various art pieces.

We also took a peek at Blizzard’s global operations center, volleyball/basketball courts, and gym. After walking around the campus, we settled down into the Blizzard Theatre to watch short videos about the Vault team. The videos were made for BlizzCon 2017. After the viewing, we got to ask questions to the Vault team about their jobs, career advice, and Blizzard.

We ended the tour with most of us eating lunch at the Blizzard cafeteria. Overall, we had a wonderful experience learning about how the Blizzard Vault team catalogs, manages, organizes, curates, and archives Blizzard video game assets. We also had lots of fun viewing the various artworks and socializing with our SJSU iSchool classmates!

Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope to set up more Blizzard tours soon. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for tours.