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Meet ALASC’s Co-Chair/Webmaster, Sadie Davenport!

What inspired you to get into the library field?

My mom! She heard about the MLIS degree and told me about it at least four times before I really thought about it. I’m really glad I listened to her! After I applied to the program, I read about what SJSU MLIS alumni have done with their degrees and felt like I had found my people.

Who are your personal heroes?

Leslie Nielson, my sister Stella, & Dr. Steve Brule.

Who are your favorite books/authors?

Favorite authors: 1) Philip K. Dick, 2) Yukio Mishima, 3) Robert Heinlein.
Favorite books this year: Space Boy by Stephen McCranie (graphic novel, available online for free) & Area X trilogy by Jeff Vandermeer (inspired the Annihilation movie!).

Where is your favorite spot to vacation?

San Luis Obispo, CA. ◡̈

What helps you unwind when you are stressed? 

Going to my running group with my friends! There’s nothing like sweating out the stress, especially with some buddies.

What you hope to accomplish with your MLIS 

I hope to become an outreach/instruction librarian so that I can teach students how to strengthen their research skills. I want to help create a library environment that is full of support for students.

Thanks Sadie!