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Sent from Don Wood, ALA Chapter Relations Officer:

Financial literacy is important to everyone—especially students. According to an article in today’s news, “For many recent graduates, student loan debt is literally giving them nightmares. Over the last decade, college-loan balances in the United States have jumped to an all-time high of $1.4 trillion, according to a recent report by Experian. The average outstanding balance is $34,144, up 62 percent over the last 10 years.

To help you get ready for Money Smart Week 2018,  register now for the free webinar, scheduled on November 1, 2-3 pm CDT.

Though focused on how libraries can help their patrons better manage their finances, the webinar will introduce you to Money Smart Week and, hopefully, inspire your student chapter to provide financial literacy programming to its members, and the university community through your university library and your community through working with a school or public library.

#LibrariesTransform their communities. #ALAStudentChapters can transform their communities, too!

Money Smart Week is a partnership between ALA and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, through which libraries of all types provide for all stages of life during. Retirees, school kids, college students–everyone can learn more to be better with money.

If you cannot participate in the webinar, find out more about Money Smart Week and find a link to the webinar recording on this page by November 2!

In addition, follow #MoneySmartWeek and subscribe to the Official Money Smart Week E-list


And please share this information with your Student Chapter, university library, local library, anyone you think would benefit from the webinar!