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Last week ALASC was honored to have ALA’s Member Services Director for the New Member Roundtable (NMRT), Julia Frankosky, as a guest speaker to kick off the Spring semester. Julia discussed a number of key topics including ways for students to get involved in ALA’s NMRT. As a very large organization, it can be hard for students and those new to the library profession to fully navigate all of the benefits of an ALA membership. One helpful gateway¬†in getting started with ALA is to look over the plethora opportunities within the NMRT including a number of committees and publications:¬†http://www.ala.org/nmrt/oversightgroups/comm

NMRT Notes: http://www.nmrt.ala.org/notes/

Endnotes: http://www.ala.org/nmrt/oversightgroups/comm/schre

This session was recorded on 1/27 and is available for download:

ALASC Discussion on NMRT and Conference Tips

Julia delves into how to best approach library conferences with very applicable tips for attendees of all backgrounds. It’s a must watch before attending any major conference to get the most out of such rewarding experiences both professionally and personally.

ALA conference locations for upcoming years: http://www.ala.org/conferencesevents/ala-upcoming-annual-conferences-midwinter-meetings