ALASC Social Media and Banned Books Week

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Written by Joyce Peng, ALASC Social Media Manager.

On social media, we promoted various ALA Banned Books Week events, such as the Rebel Reader Twitter Tournament and the Banned Books Virtual Readout! ALASC made and shared on social media promotional banners for the two events and we also used materials and images from the ALA media kit, provided to us for free since we had signed up to be a partner in the Twitter Tournament.

ALASC invited students over social media to join the two events and encouraged students to tweet at our Twitter account when tweeting in the Rebel Reader Tournament and to share any their virtual readout videos with us. We also changed our Facebook and Twitter cover photos to the official Banned Books Week 2017 promotional image and shared infographics about banned books during the week.

Towards the week’s end, ALASC reminded students again to participate in the two events and we saw a high amount of interactions on Facebook and Twitter! Virtual Readout videos can be submitted all year long, so we hope to receive some from our fellow students. We hope that they become more knowledgeable about issues surrounding banned books and that they support Banned Books Week in future years.

If you created a Virtual Readout video for this event, please send us the link! 🙂