A Final Farewell… and a New Chapter

A Final Farewell… and a New Chapter

Written by Sereen Suleiman

Edited by Gabrielle Bates and Lauren Kime

What an incredible ride being a part of the SLASC Blog Team has been! It is truly an honor to have had the privilege of sharing fascinating stories about libraries to the iSchool student community. Additionally, I have gained so much through these blogs, not just improvement in my expressive writing, but also knowledge about the library field. Starting off as a second assistant blog editor back in January 2021, I didn’t think libraries could expand beyond public and academic settings. Over time, though, I realized how little I knew, but at the same time, there would be so much more for me to explore. And explored I have! Through video game libraries, botanical libraries, and aquarium libraries, to even a wonderful world of magic libraries, writing these blogs has been such an exciting experience!

All journeys, however, must come to an end. Being the blog director and having the opportunity to take charge in distributing blogs to students is, and always will be, a rewarding experience. Yet, I decided to go for the position of SLASC archivist and continue developing skills. A bird in the hand, right? As sad as it will be to say farewell to the blog team after being a part of it for a year-and-a-half, it is time to pass the torch to a new group of bloggers, and to them, I wish them good luck.

Of course, final thank you’s are in order. Thank you to Max Gonzalez Burdick, the previous blog director before me, who left me with a solid foundation to carry the blog forward. Thank you to my assistants, Gabrielle Bates and Lauren Kime, for producing incredible blogs for the Spring 2022 semester. And finally, thank you to the SLASC Executive Committee for providing me with so many invaluable skills that I will carry through the program and beyond.